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Fat Shark's first person RC racer


June 16, 2008

Fat Shark's first person RC racer 
Photo: Fat Shark

Fat Shark's first person RC racer Photo: Fat Shark

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June 16, 2008 This all-in-one RC vision system bundles a set wearable VR display glasses and a 4WD remote controlled car equipped with an on-board camera to deliver a drivers-eye view of the action. We've encountered realtime RC systems before, but what grabs us about this incarnation is the gyro-controlled pan-tilt tracking mechanism that's integrated into the camera mount so you can alter the camera direction with your head movement.

Fat Shark's out-of-the box system includes a 10mW transmitter and the company's RCV922 (VGA) or RCV230 (QVGA) 2.4Ghz head-worn display. There's also dual microphones for stereo sound and the ability to remotely turn on/off headlights for some VR exploring after dark. Judging by the video, this looks like heaps of fun.

The company also sells the wireless headsets and cameras separately so you can turn any RC vehicle into a first person video game. This includes an "Aviator Edition" of the RCV922 headset specifically tailored to piloting RC planes. If you can sort through the compatibility issues you could also configure the system to simultaneously record your vision or use the glasses to wirelessly link to other video sources.

Fat Shark is currently taking inquiries from distributors.

Via AutoBlog.

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