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FanVision device augments live NFL games with video


September 10, 2010

The FanVision handheld video device

The FanVision handheld video device

Actress Carrie Fisher once made a great observation about how film folk can be looking at a fantastic real-life scene, yet all they’re able to think is “I wonder what this would look like on a movie screen.” Well, she might be similarly amused by FanVision. The electronic handheld device delivers video of sporting events to people who are already on-site, watching the live event in person. To be fair, it does provide some things that the average sports fan wouldn’t be able to see from the stands.

FanVision is currently partnered with 12 NFL teams and the University of Michigan, providing its video service at all of their home games. Users bring their handheld screen to the stadium with them, or purchase one there. While the game is going on, they can check out exclusive content such as instant replays from various angles, a highlight reel of the game, and of course, the Cheerleader Cam.

Other features include real time stats from around the league, live fantasy football updates, access to the NFL Red Zone channel, and the network telecast of home games. Keep in mind, however, it only works at participating venues – at home or on the road, it’s a paperweight.

The device itself has a 4.3 inch (109 mm.) LCD screen, and a six-hour battery life.

While FanVision is already in use at Formula One, Le Mans, NASCAR and PGA Tour events, it will be introduced to the world of American football this fall. Devices will be available from the company website and at member teams' stadiums. It will cost US$199 and after the first year of use, activation fees will also apply.

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