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XtremeMac Tango Bar amplifies your Apple (or PC)


November 16, 2011

The Tango Bar is a new USB sound bar for Macs and PCs

The Tango Bar is a new USB sound bar for Macs and PCs

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For those of us who want a little more oomph out of our computers' sound systems, USB-powered speakers certainly offer a simple solution, although they tend to be less powerful than speakers that incorporate the more traditional 3.5mm jack. Well, today XtremeMac unveiled its Tango Bar - a 10-watt USB sound bar for Macs or PCs, that reportedly delivers twice the output of most of its competitors.

The six-speaker Tango Bar features dual dome tweeters, midrange/bass drivers and passive radiators. Its plug-and-play connection consists of a single USB plug, that provides both power and audio.

The device also has a headphone output, line-in jack and a sub-out port for an additional subwoofer. An amber backlit volume control perhaps doesn't add much in the way of functionality, but scores extra points in the snaziness department.

Should it tickle your fancy, the Tango Bar is available now for US$99.99 via Apple, Amazon, or the XtremeMac website.

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10 watts...the iMac has 17 watt internal speakers...so...uhm.

John Parkes
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