Exovolt Plus stackable battery pack for mobile devices


August 9, 2012

Exogear claims its Exovolt Plus is the world's first stackable battery pack for mobile devices

Exogear claims its Exovolt Plus is the world's first stackable battery pack for mobile devices

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If the idea of your mobile gadget running out of juice leaving you incommunicado (or, heaven forbid, bored) fills you with fear, then a battery pack is the obvious solution. But what if your power needs vary from day to day? Exogear has developed a battery pack that it touts as the world’s first stackable battery pack that is designed to adapt to suit your battery needs, no matter how small or how great.

The Exovolt Plus consists of a 5,200 mAh main battery unit that has been designed for iOS devices but, in addition to its 30-pin connector, also includes USB and micro-USB ports for charging non-Apple mobile devices.

Additional Sub Battery units, also 5,200 mAh, can be stacked under the main unit to increase the amount of battery power. These Sub Batteries are sold separately, but as they don’t include any connection ports themselves, they require the main unit to function. A four-LED light on the main unit shows how much power is left in entire stack.

Exogear hasn’t revealed a release date for the Exovolt Plus, other than saying it is “coming soon.” But when released the main battery unit will retail for US$89.95, with 30-pin charge/sync and micro-USB cables included, while additional Sub units will go for $49.95.

Source: Exogear via engadget

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Would prove more useful if multiple "main battery unit" modules could be stacked as well, alowing one the option of mixing main and sub stacks as required. Although slightly more expensive, this option would add additional ports for more devices.

Can the end user add additional charged sub units to an existing stack while operational, or must it be first turned off?

As an aside, wouldn't it be wonderful of these Main units could also provide other functions on top of their battery storace function: 1. Contain a HDD, embedded computer, with WiFi and a video out. Mobile media centres with possibly hours of operation away from a power outlet. 2. Add a Low power projector in the unit 3. Add an induction coil for future induction charging (if it is the top unit) 4. Contain just HDDs that Automatically RAID when they are stacked 5. How about one that glows like a desk lamp ,...and so on.

When you remove the power cord possibilities open up :)


I like your idea there Nairda, I would get into debt for that system!

Ross Jenkins
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