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EXOdesk: 40-inch multitouch desk set for CES debut


November 24, 2011

ExoPC has posted a video of its new 40-inch multi-touch desk on YouTube

ExoPC has posted a video of its new 40-inch multi-touch desk on YouTube

Could multi-touch desks be the wave of the future? ExoPC thinks so, and has posted a video of its new 40-inch multitouch desk on YouTube - a desk it plans on officially announcing at the Consumer Electronics Show at the beginning of January.

The teaser video (below) doesn't offer a ton of information about the computer, but does show off a widget hub in the corner of the desk you can use to launch applications on the screen, and the ability to pull down a timeline populated with news information, tweets, or other alerts from the top corner of the table. Both the widgets and the timeline can be casually swiped away when you're done with them, and the screen and location of the widgets can be customized to meet your own personal needs. The ExoPC also supports full-screen applications, showing off in the video an app that instantly turns the computer into an electronic piano.

Multi-touch desk computers aren't really anything new. Samsung for instance recently announced the Samsung SUR40, a 40-inch, 1080p multitouch table running Microsoft's Surface software. Where the ExoPC stands out, however, is in its price tag. While the SUR40 and other table computers are designed for businesses (and priced that way, the SUR40 is US$8,400!), the ExoPC is instead priced at a modest $1,299 making it affordable for average consumers.

The Samsung SUR40 is expected to be a computer replacement, however, the ExoPC also appears to be something you would use as a replacement for a traditional desk, and a supplement for your actual computer.

We'll certainly be keeping an eye out for the ExoPC in January. If you have to get your hands on a table PC now, Samsung has already opened up pre-orders for the SUR40.


And they are using a keyboard and mouse?

Joseph Shimandle

looks like a wireless keyboard to me, but there\'s no way I could keep the top of my desk that cleared of \'stuff\'


Lame! Why would I want a virtual mouse and a virtual keyboard that look like a mouse a key board on a $1200 virtual desk when Win 8 will do what this thing will do but on my laptop, tablet, my Xbox, and my phone...great engineering poor product execution the gizmag writers are being too kind here.

Spike Elex

It\'s meant to be more like a giant smartphone screen. You\'d use it to pull up your calender, keep your Twitter feed open. It\'s replacing your desk, not your computer.

Emily Price

Ergonomics is way off but it looks sexy on TV so why not produce it for consumers who will buy it, use it for a few weeks, and then put it up for sale on eBay.


Shields to maximum. Set a course for the Orion sector, warp factor six. Engage!

Shawn Jones
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