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Ever Increasing Watch plots the time on a graph


May 22, 2010

The Ever Increasing Watch

The Ever Increasing Watch

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Watches, movies, poems and paintings... a lot of people think that the harder any one of these things are to understand, then the better they are. We’ve certainly covered some intentionally-obscure watches here at Gizmag before, with everything from a row of LEDs to numbers on a sphere to dots that get filled in and stained glass-like patterns used to display the time. Now, Japanese weird-watch-maker EleeNo brings us one that displays the hours, minutes and seconds on a climbing line graph.

The face of the Ever Increasing Watch has two grid displays. Plotted points along a blue line on the top grid indicate the hour, while yellow and red lines on the lower grid indicate the minute and second. In a nod to user-friendliness, the press of a button will bring up a tiny numeral at the last point on each line. Just be aware, using that button would make you no better than someone who actually – God forbid – asks a modern artist what their sculpture represents.

The brass-bodied watch is water resistant to three atmospheres (20 meters/66 feet), and has a “special coating” on its mineral glass lens that reportedly makes it easier to read in bright light. It’s available for US$179 at Yanko Design. While you’re on that page, also take a peek at the Scope Watch. Cripes! What’s next, any ideas? Let’s hear ‘em!

Via Ubergizmo.

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