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Like cars? Love coffee? The Espresso Veloce Machine may be for you


March 27, 2013

The Espresso Veloce Machine comes in V10 and V12 configurations (Photo: Espresso Veloce)

The Espresso Veloce Machine comes in V10 and V12 configurations (Photo: Espresso Veloce)

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We’re big fans of both cars and coffee here at Gizmag, so it’s only fitting that we give a mention to the Espresso Veloce Machine – an espresso machine billed as a tribute to the 1990's Grand Prix race car engines which powered racing legends like Ayrton Senna, and Michael Schumacher.

The Espresso Veloce Machine is constructed with alloys such as magnesium, titanium, and aluminum. The unit is said to be half the size of the real-life gas-guzzling 3-liter engines which inspired it, so is probably better suited to a larger kitchen counter.

Espresso Veloce offers both V10 and V12 configurations, and the oil-filler doubles as a grappa reservoir, enabling the machine to pour a mean caffè correto. Coffee is served via the exhaust tubes, and even the mugs are designed to complement the overall theme.

Beyond the fact that production will be limited to just 500 numbered units worldwide, further details on the Espresso Veloce Machines are rather thin on the ground at the moment, and we’ve no word on the price or shipping date.

Source: Espresso Veloce via Born Rich

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"We’re big fans of both cars and coffee here at Gizmag"

That must be why this is my favorite website. Throw in environmental info, techie news and headlines from the world of science, just call me Arnie cos I'll be back! Keep up the great work guys.


DOHC 32Valve's and all, not your average American made Boat anchor, now... is it? :~)

Michiel Mitchell

If I had my own place, this would be in my kitchen.


Where can I buy one and how much is it?

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