ErgoArc lets you compute in bed


October 9, 2012

The ErgoArc is a laptop stand that allows people to use their computers while in bed

The ErgoArc is a laptop stand that allows people to use their computers while in bed

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If the growing number of specialized stands is anything to go by, it seems that a lot of people like using portable computers in bed. iPad users can choose between the Manatee and the tablift, for instance, while laptop users can go with the Lounge-Tek or the Omax. Now, there’s another option for reclining laptop users – the ErgoArc.

The user’s laptop is placed on the maple plywood stand’s vented desktop, the angle of which can be adjusted like a drafting table. A lip on the bottom of that desktop supports the bottom edge of the laptop’s keyboard. The computer’s screen, once flipped up, can then be angled towards the user’s face.

Add-on side platforms can hold a beverage, and a peripheral such as a mouse. The stand weighs five pounds (2.27 kg), and folds flat for transport and storage – its desktop can reportedly support a load of up to 250 pounds (113 kg), so you could put a pretty darn hefty laptop on there.

Angaroa, the Florida-based company that makes the ErgoArc, states that it can also be used for tablets, books, or even as a food-serving tray. It’s available now, for US$73.99.

Source: ErgoArc via 7 Gadgets

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Juuuust what this generation needs.

Bob Tackett
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