Epic EVs opens the order book for its electric Bat-trike, the Torq Roadster


March 26, 2013

The Torq Roadster will be unveiled to the public on April 6

The Torq Roadster will be unveiled to the public on April 6

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Epic Electric Vehicles is set to unveil its three-wheeled electric Torq Roadster at a public event on April 6. With the new roadster, Epic founder Chris Anthony has shifted emphasis from range to raw performance and fun (Anthony was also a co-founder of the ill-fated long-range Aptera EV). Clearly, Anthony has his eyes on a very different market this time around – Batman, possibly, if the vehicle's appearance is any gauge.

Some numbers, then. Epic claims the Torq Roadster can reach 60 mph (97 km/h) from a standstill in 4 seconds thanks to an electric motor capable of delivering 600 lb·ft (813 N·m) of torque and over 400 hp (300 kW) peak power. It's track width is 80.5 in. (2.04 meters) to aid cornering.

The piston-beards among you will be fascinated to know that the Torq comes equipped with Wilwood 4-piston brakes, which I understand are for slowing or even stopping the vehicle should the driver undergo an identity crisis coming out of a tight bend. The onboard battery is a Flux Power lithium unit.

Epic has sought to clarify some slightly confused reporting as to the Torq Roadster's setup. Contrary to some claims, the vehicle is front-wheel drive (rear-wheel drive would present certain challenges, given that only one of the three wheels is at the back). As for Epic's claim that the Torq's having three wheels rather than four reduces drag by 25 percent, we assume that's a joke.

Epic is already taking orders, and will apparently build about 50 Torqs this year. The company aims to turn out rather more in 2014. The vehicle will apparently cost US$65,000 in the States and €50,000 in Europe. The launch event will take place at Epic's R&D; center in Vista, California.

Source: Epic Electric Vehicles

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"As for Epic's claim that the Torq's having three wheels rather than four reduces drag by 25 percent, we assume that's a joke."

You haven't heard of rolling resistance I take it ...

Jeffrey Carlson

$65,000 for that... I think it has about as much chance as the Aptera.

Jon Smith

OMG all the pictures are of the front wheels. One or two was well enough thank you but that was just a ton of duplicate then no good wide shots of the whole thing.

Ben O'Brien

There is definately a market for it. Bit to expensive for me however, for 65k i could buy a fairly late model 911 or and earlier model ferrari.

I know its not the same thing, i think people who will end up buying this probably already have a fast sports car and want something different to serve a different purpose. But for the market of people looking to get their first sports car/recreational vehicle, i dont think the price will justify what you get. The article doesn't mention range, but based on the fact that it says they are gearing away from range and more to performance, and based on what general ranges are on other EV's... im afraid to ask.

All that said i think it looks really cool, and i would love to own one if it didnt come down to finances, i really like the whole idea of EV's and i know one day i will definately own one.

I take it the only reason they went 3-wheels is for better cornering?

Arahant I could buy a nice car to drive around AND a Brammo Empulse R which is not only electric, but will smoke the doors off of that for about $17K.


3 wheels means reduced weight and road resistance (this is a good idea). Unfortunately those advantages are not offset by the fact that there is no top or doors (this is a very bad idea), it's overpriced and the founder of this company founded another already bankrupt EV company. Buying an EV's from a small start-up is risky enough who wants to buy an EV from a guy who ditched his first effort at the drop of a hat. Should have introduced this in Aptera as a second product line to show diversification. ALSO The reason they have bad pictures is because they don't want you to notice there are no doors or retractable top.

Matt Fletcher

The deal-killer for me - after banching at the price - was the claim the maker had "shifted emphasis from range to raw performance and fun" What good is deciding on a spirited Sunday drive in the country if you can't get past the suburbs?

The Skud

A trike potentially forms a great platform for an ultra-sleek and ultra-light narrow track vehicle. It does need to have some sort of banking mechanism however to prevent it from toppling over when cornering. Could even accommodate three rather than two persons.


Voyager, nothing about this trike is narrow, well maybe the back end. This one seems like a great idea for 10 years ago when the T-Rex was making news with similar pricing and limitation, but now it's gotta compete with things like the Tesla Model S or the KTM Crossbow, which do what it's doing better. It's a nice design, tho, I think there's a future in boutique transport, so I hope they find enough takers to continue development and maybe even make something enclosed so we know they're serious.

Cam Griffin

T-rex, E-rex (electric) and Venom Reverse trikes look so much better than this. The one thing they all have in common, is that they are over priced. With the right resources I'd build and sell a better reverse trike.


Trikes used to make sense about 60 years ago, in many countries you could drive them with a motorcycle licence. These days they are just oddities that take the worst parts of motorcyling (you get wet, you have little crash protection, you have to wear a helmet if you're going fast) and market them as something fun. They never go around corners as fast as a similar 4 wheel car, they have dicey handling on the limit and to make matters worse this one has front wheel drive. Did I mention it looked unfinished (no dash) and ugly? IF you really want a quirky 3 wheeler buy a Morgan and pretend you're flying a Spitfire. Driving any other 3 wheeler says "I am too old or unbalanced to ride a motorbike"


Ok found them. It's American made, fuel efficient and has actual doors and windows. read more about it. This one may cost more but I think it's awesome- balances on two wheels without your help! I wish I was getting paid for this :/ but these guys are here in the US and are even better than the T-rex brand because those are made with fiber glass and a roll cage. If you know about manufacturing, old corvettes were first made with fiber glass and nicked name plastic caskets (the box you get buried in). Also fiber glass is used when an auto maker first designs a car for production, it's not the finished product unless the maker is cutting corners. So take a look at the sites, Made in America still makes sense, dollars and cents too..


Gargamoth, nice catch on that Elio motors. Under $7 grand and great mileage. THAT'S how to do it.


I'm with all of you, why blow $65k for that thing. The Tesla dlr is right next to my office. Real, fast, beautiful cars are pulling out of there very day for that kind of money. Yes there might be enough people with money to burn for Torq. I just watched all the videos on the Elio site, now you are talking.

Steve Leibovitz
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