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Eos digital wireless iPod-based speaker system


May 28, 2008

The Eos wireless speaker system

The Eos wireless speaker system

May 29, 2008 The benefits of wireless speakers are clear - they do away with the pesky (and costly), need to rip up carpet or tear up walls to run cabling and provide a versatility that enables easy reconfiguration of the set-up whenever the need arises. The latest to cross our desk is the Eos system, which is compatible with any iPod with a docking connector, consists of up to 4 self-contained remote speaker/receivers and a base unit/transmitter and can broadcast over 150 feet, inside and out, upstairs, downstairs, through walls, doors, ceilings. Both the Eos base station/transmitter and wireless speaker/receivers feature full 2.1 Stereo with left + right channel audio as well as a ported subwoofer and the incorporation of SRS WOW! Technology.

While the dock on the base unit can house any iPod with a docking connector or iPhone, support for any other audio source comes courtesy of an auxiliary analog input on the back. The Eos' amplified wireless speakers are ready to go right out of the box – once they are plugged in they automatically link with the base station/transmitter making moving a speaker as simple as unplugging it from the wall, moving it and plugging it in again. Since the speakers feature an integrated power supply, they can hang right on the wall outlet with no mounting bracket required or the integrated power supply can be removed and Eos speakers can be set on a countertop or a bookshelf. Each Eos speaker features an individual volume control, so the sound level can be adjusted at the sound point so perfectionists can customize the listening level to their hearts content.

Eos is available as a Core System bundle, which includes the base unit and one additional speaker, for US$249.99. EOS wireless stereo speakers are also available separately for US$129.99.

For further info visit Eos.

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