Eliminator table lamp - shedding light on shredding paper


August 14, 2012

Eliminator by Merve Kahraman is a table lamp that uses the hanging curtain of shredded paper as a design feature

Eliminator by Merve Kahraman is a table lamp that uses the hanging curtain of shredded paper as a design feature

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A paper shredder is usually nothing more than a household or office tool used to securely dispose of personal or sensitive documents. They perform a function and are otherwise hidden away only to be used as and when needed. Eliminator wears a second hat - it's a concept design for a paper shredder that also acts as a table lamp, or a table lamp that also acts as a paper shredder, depending on your point of view.

Merve Kahraman is the young industrial designer responsible for Eliminator. The Eliminator is described first and foremost as a table lamp, but it's also a working paper shredder, albeit a hand-cranked rather than automatic one.

Eliminator features two light sources - one shining down and outwards, the other up and outwards. The shredder allows an individual to create the lamp they want; the half-shredded paper hanging down acts as an artistic curtain the upper light source illuminates, while the fully-shredded paper sits in a plastic tray at the bottom diffusing the lower light source.

This means that the ultimate design of Eliminator can be directly affected, and changed as often as desired, by the owner. By choosing the paper that is to be shredded, the owner of this table lamp can put their own stamp on the final design. And as soon as that design begins to look tired or boring a new design can be created instead with nothing more than an old newspaper, magazine, or printout.

Judging by the images sourced from her website Kahraman has clearly built a working prototype of Eliminator, but it there's no word on whether it will be available to buy as a finished product.

Source: Merve Kahraman via NOTCOT

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