Eiffel Tower's first floor to receive sustainable makeover


March 11, 2014

The redevelopment is being carried out by architectural firm Moatti-Rivière (Photo: Moatti-Rivière)

The redevelopment is being carried out by architectural firm Moatti-Rivière (Photo: Moatti-Rivière)

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Landmarks don't come much more iconic than the Eiffel Tower, but if you've ever visited it in person you may have found the first floor mildly underwhelming. Architectural firm Moatti-Rivière aims to change this, and add some sustainable technology to the mix, during a redevelopment of the tower's first floor that's currently underway.

First begun in 2012 and due for completion in August of this year, the redevelopment tackles a space measuring some 4,586 sq m (49,363 sq ft), out of the first floor's total available floorspace of 5,420 sq m (58,340 sq ft). The project's budget is €25 million (roughly US$34.6 million) and the Eiffel Tower remains open to the public throughout the process.

Once completed, accessibility for disabled visitors will be greatly improved, and the newly renovated floor will also feature rebuilt reception and conference rooms, a visitor center, restaurants, a museum space, pavilions and shops. Interestingly, a glass floor area is set to be installed, affording a view from 57 m (187 ft) up.

Moatti-Rivière name-checks a shopping list of sustainable technology slated for installation on the tower – solar panels are intended for the pavilion roofs, while wind turbines, a rainwater catchment system, and LED lighting also feature.

Further details on the project are rather slim at present, so we're unable to comment on the impact that the green tech will have on the Eiffel Tower's presumably huge carbon footprint. We've reached out to Moatti-Rivière for more information, and will keep you posted.

Source: Moatti-Rivière via Arch Daily

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Awesome! Too bad there is no completion date, would be nice to visit, after this work is completed.

Great story!


It should be an adventure to go up the eiffel tower. climbing the steps, looking at the nuts and bolts and the perspectives. it was built when france was still leader in the world for art nouveau, design, ornamentation, craftwork, going to france was like going to a different universe, with its own style and fasions everywhere, now france has become a materialistic vacuum much like the rest of the world, all it makes is prefabricated shops and houses and goods. im french, i think the first story of the eiffel tower should help to hearken back to the days when the entire country was hand crafted, hand designed, hand drawn by masters and afficionados, it's like makeing over a classic car with a 21st century interior dashboard. the entirety of paris in fact should get away from 21st centry design, perhaps 3d print old stuff again. like the metro entrance ways, and art nouveau craftwork.

Ooh Bertie

they should have given the ironworks and glassworks shapes an art nouveau feel from the time of the eiffel tower, not one that could be on any building.

Ooh Bertie
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