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April 20, 2010

Sprout watches are reportedly 80-86% eco-friendly by weight

Sprout watches are reportedly 80-86% eco-friendly by weight

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Sporting a Rolex watch is certainly an effective way of showing off your wealth, but what if you want to show off your environmental consciousness? What timepiece would let you do that? It would have to be something that incorporates low-impact, sustainable and biodegradable materials, that doesn’t contain hazardous substances, and that supports recycling. A good “green” name would help too… a name like Sprout.

Sprout watches claim to be 80-86% eco-friendly by weight, depending on their size. Some of the features that make them eco-friendly include:

  • Biodegradable corn resin bodies and buckles
  • Organic cotton bands
  • Bamboo faces
  • Mineral crystal lenses (as opposed to plastic)
  • Mercury-free batteries
  • Recycled/recyclable packaging

These are definitely no-frills watches - they offer an analogue time display, and that’s it. They are water-resistant, however, and have quartz movements. And hey, for $US30, you’re certainly not going to be getting one of those gas-guzzling Rolexes.

Sprout watches are available at various retailers, which are listed on the website.

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So are watches really an \"eco- problem?\" At least they don\'t cost much! :-)

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