Ebay Exact lets users customize 3D printed trinkets


July 15, 2013

Ebay embraces 3D priting with its Ebay Exact app

Ebay embraces 3D priting with its Ebay Exact app

Ebay has teamed up with a host of 3D printing specialists to launch an iOS app named ebay Exact which lets users customize iPhone cases, jewelry and other odds and ends.

Though users are able to engrave products, the level of customization appears to be limited to simple choices, including, in some cases, a choice of material between plastic, metal and wood. That being the case, not all of the products shipped will be 3D printed.

Even so, eBay has inked deals with Sculpteo, MakerBot, and Hot Pop Factory who will print iPhone cases from about US$9. Delivery times are reported to be in the region of seven to 14 days.

At present, the app is only available for iOS, and that appears to be limited to the US for now. Hopefully future versions of the app will allow more meaningful bespoke design on the part of the user. After all, that's the point of 3D printing, isn't it?

Source: eBay
App: Apple app store

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I think the appeal of this service would broaden if they include Android phones and Windows phones. I think it is a cool idea.


I have wanted one of Tesla's Valvular Conduits. I wonder how much it would cost.

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