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Easybreath snorkel mask promises more land-like breathing underwater


January 27, 2014

Using the Easybreath snorkel promises to feel more natural than traditional snorkeling

Using the Easybreath snorkel promises to feel more natural than traditional snorkeling

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For those people unprepared to learn to scuba dive, snorkeling is a great way to explore the water while remaining close to the surface. The main problem with it is that it forces the swimmer to breathe through only their mouth, which can feel unnatural. Tribord's new Easybreath mask aims to solve that problem, by allowing natural breathing through the nose or mouth.

The design is actually pretty simple at its core. Instead of covering the user's eyes with goggles and then having a separate tube for breathing through the mouth, Easybreath covers the whole face with one piece, and contains the breathing portion right inside of the mask. Once it's on, the creators promise that the wearer can just breathe naturally.

The mask uses a double airflow system that allows the wearer to take in oxygen through the spot on the top, while allowing them to breath out through a different portion of the tube. This airflow system is what prevents the mask from fogging up while underwater, as the air the user's exhaled air is quickly removed from the mask. Air comes in via the portion the user is looking through and leaves via the outer portion of the mask, further aiding in preventing fog.

Another benefit of the design is the view. While some goggles cut off peripheral vision, Easybreath promises a larger field of vision, and seeing as much of the underwater world as possible is really what snorkeling is all about.

Not much information is available as far as where these will be sold, but Triboard did announce a €39.95 (US$54.64) price tag for when it launches later this year.

The video below provides some demonstrations of the Easybreath mask (English subtitles).

Source: Tribord via Damn Geeky

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Fantastic job! And for a reasonable price, too!

Richard Auchus

Very good idea. It will change snorkeling forever.

Bob Komarek

Id'e totally get and support this.


I love this idea! However with my sinking V floating prowess, I would need a PFD of some sort so I could achieve neutral buoyancy. It is no good breathing normally if you gradually sink below the height of the intake tube!

The Skud

I think this would only be for use at the surface... try diving down a few meters and the increase in pressure on the face would be quite uncomfortable.

Tim Read

It's a very interesting idea and speaking as an asthmatic who struggles with a normal snorkel I will be keen to give this new device a try, however I take Tim Reads' point with respect to pressure changes.


What consideration has been made for corrective lenses? Would they be glued to the inside of the mask?

Glen Jacobsen

I think this will open up snorkeling to a whole new group of people. I think the price is reasonable.


I'll buy one for the kid and I. This is the same price we got for our traditional snorkels that my son broke is on the very first trip... and no-refunds!

Solves some of the problems, but if the company is reading this, I've got a few suggestions as a design engineer.


I might start snorkeling again. The price is right.

Don Duncan

This looks like a good product for the occasional surface snorkeler. However, for the more advanced who like to frequently dive down 20-30 feet while snorkeling, the increased mask volume would be a handicap. I also think this could be a problem if the mask leaked. How will you clear the mask and the snorkel at the same time. I would also be interested in how it performs with waves breaking over your head. I think most of the advanced snorkelers will stick to the old low volume masks and easy breathing snorkels with a minimum of dead air space.


How do you equalize in this mask? Most snorkelers will want to dive (especially spear fishers) and without the ability to equalize this mask makes diving virtually impossible.

Dylan Mitchell

Bob and Dylan Mitchell are right. This is a gadget for non-snorkelers; and it will keep them that way, which is a pity. All they needed to do was practise a bit, gee whiz, it's not rocket science!


Nice idea - shame about the lack of any equalization - rendering it totally useless for diving... Which does kind of defeat the object...!

Nick Herbert

Hey anybody knows where I can order this tribord easybreath mask? Please hope somebody has an idea.

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