e-rope recharges your batteries in more ways than one


June 25, 2010

Jump your way to better health and recharge your batteries at the same time with the E Rope concept

Jump your way to better health and recharge your batteries at the same time with the E Rope concept

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When reporting on the BunBun human-powered flashlight back in March, Gizmag's Rick Martin mused on the potential for putting a similar charging mechanism into skipping rope handles... which is just what Kyung Guk Lee has done with this design concept. The e-rope lets you recharge your AA batteries while you skip your way to better health.

Using kinetic power to charge batteries is not a new idea, but this design certainly does it in style. LED lights on the side of the handle would indicate when the battery is empty, half-way to being fully powered, or fully-charged. The silicone handles make it comfortable to hold and are marked with +/- indicators so you know which way to put in the battery. The aim is to provide enough energy to charge one AA battery after 20 minutes of jumping with the device taking up to four batteries at once.

Via Yanko Design.


I can do about 3000 skipping jumps in 30-35 min. So how much will that be able to charge a AA?

bio-power jeff

Interesting design. I like the right-angle connection of the rope, but think it could be improved. How about making one of the handles a releasable clamp rather than a fixed attachment? That way, it would be possible to unclamp and slide the rope either way to adjust the length for jumpers of different heights. Also, jump ropes work better when they\'re lighter and have less aerodynamic drag. He could use a UHMWPE rope for ultralight weight, plus low friction and very high wear resistance against the floor, and make it oval-shaped for lower wind drag as it spins.

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