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dzdock One: iPhone and iPad stand designed by an 11-year-old and made in the USA


December 20, 2010

Dzdock One

Dzdock One

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Created by an 11 year old boy from Pennsylvania, USA, Dzdock One is a one-size-fits-all dock for iPhone, iPad, Kindle and other styles of tablets or smart phones. The design started off as a father son challenge, where young Dino Zaharakis’ was promised that if he could design an iPad dock and web-site to market it, he could get a phone. A big challenge for anyone, the youngster took it all the way and has successfully designed, manufactured and marketed the Dzdock One.

"He stuck with the idea," said Dino's dad, Steven when talking to CBS 3 news. "He went from the conception all the way, he went through the design the analysis, the manufacturing. We're almost sold out of the first batch that we did," continued Steven.

The production of the Dzdock One has also fulfilled Dino’s aim of keeping it a local, using locally-sourced materials and packaged in boxes made from recycled cardboard.

Depending on what definition you use, the Dzdock One is probably better described as a stand – there's no built in power connector, but it's a cleverly designed so that you can pick up your device and set it down again while the cable is still connected. It supports devices with or without a protective case and its stable enough to hold an iPad in portrait or landscape mode.

Made from aluminum, Dzdock One is available in an array of colors and priced at US$30.

We hope Dino is enjoying his new phone!

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I\'d rather give my money to this child than more to Apple.

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