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DV8's interchangeable head system puts a full set of golf clubs in a backpack


June 11, 2014

DV8 Sports' new interchangable golf clubs aim to make the game more portable without sacrificing performance

DV8 Sports' new interchangable golf clubs aim to make the game more portable without sacrificing performance

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Golf is a wonderful game, but it does come with a major drawback – the bulk and weight of the clubs required to play. If you're traversing the course on foot, there's no way to carry a bag filled with golf clubs easily. A new product from DV8 Sports aims to make a round of golf a little less laborious by offering a system that allows a full set of clubs to be carried around in a bag the size of an average backpack.

A traditional set of golf clubs comes with at least 14 full-length clubs, all of which are carried in a rather long bag to accommodate them. DV8's plan is to replace all of these with only one or two shafts that are compatible with a set of quick-change interchangeable heads. The system keeps each club true to its regular length and the shaft comes in pieces, making it easy enough to carry around and assemble when at the course or driving range. The company says its patented stainless steel quick-change coupler allows heads to be changed in under three seconds.

The bag for the clubs has been designed by the team specifically to work with the club system. Foam pockets cradle each of the interchangeable club heads, and the bag is long enough to fit the parts of the shaft needed for a complete golf experience. It even has an iPad sleeve and slots to attach an optional tripod for golfers looking to use apps that help improve their performance.

The backpack is 19 in (48 cm) tall, 13 in (33 cm) wide, and 6 in (15 cm) deep. When filled with a set of clubs, it weighs in at about 15 lb (6.8 kg), which should be light enough to carry comfortably.

The creators promise that their clubs will rival the performance of traditional golf clubs, which is obviously important, as no golfer would want to sacrifice their game just to make their clubs more portable.

The shafts will be available in three different flexes, as well as a variety of lengths to accommodate golfers of varying heights. Models will also be available for both left and right-handed players.

DV8 Sports is seeking US$50,000 of funding for its new type of golf club on Kickstarter. Clubs are available to backers in a range of options, as the team is letting buyers choose their preferred selection of club heads. Pledges start at $170 for a bag, driver and shaft, ranging up to $620 for a 10 club set including the bag, shaft, driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, sand wedge, pitching wedge, 9 iron, 8 iron, 6 iron, 4 iron and putter..

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information and shows the clubs in use.

Sources: DV8 Sports, Kickstarter

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All of you who thinks that this idea will fail because USGA/PGA won't approve it for play or is looking for lightweight alternative to a full set of standard clubs are missing the point.

These are targets NOT FOR PROS who is used to traveling with a full sized set of clubs and plays regularly in tournaments.

These are meant as an alternative to lugging your full set through an airport, trusting the baggage (mis)handlers, and trying to pack them into your tiny rental car. These are targeted for the traveler that want's to bring their own clubs on vacation but doesn't want to deal with traveling with a complete set. It's also great for those people who needs to take public transportation to a driving range. I sure don't want to bring my clubs onto a subway or bus let alone walk around the streets getting from my house to a bus stop.

They are not intended to be used in competition play so who cares if they are not legal.

Think outside the box people. These are a bit expensive but the idea could work. The only issue I have is the added weight and how that will affect my feel when I go back to my real clubs. But then again, the alternative is to play rentals and that's going to be a different weight too.


This has already bean done back in 1984-85 by a New Zealand man Didnt work/catch on then either ??????

Vincent Fogarty

I think this is great for the golfer who travels. It makes it easier to take ones clubs with you on boats, planes, trains and automobiles.


Where's the integral scotch cooler?


I cannot see the traditionalists among the 'Rule Makers' considering this as an option to the present competitional play one-club, one-shaft system. Outside amateur play, many ideas have been shot down before, good plans like a clubhead with adjustable angle of face to give most irons and wedges - on a single shaft - have been banned for sanctioned competition,

The Skud

The tripod seems to be specified for practicing. Is it easily folded and transported with the bag while you're playing a full round? The only flaw I can see here is the annoyance of arriving at your ball (hopefully on the fairway) taking the backpack off, putting it on the ground, trying to stop the bag tipping over as you unzip and get the correct club head, having to bend down after your shot to put head back etc. It would be great if the base had some kind of stabiliser or even just small fold out legs, to give it some height at least and so you can just place it on the grass with the confidence it's not going to topple. Definitely a great idea for travel but for home I'd rather wheel around a full set than have to put backpack down, bend, unzip, connect club, bend, zip, put backpack back on and up at each shot.

Mia H

Illegal for play - no market.


This does not save that much weight. Just get a light golf bag.


1) How is there "no way to carry a bag filled with golf clubs easily"?

its called a pull cart!

It weighs next nothing, you don't carry it, never have to take it off your shoulder or back, holds your umbrella, balls, tees, is super inexpensive to purchase ($ 30.00US for the basic "everything you need" model) and you can hang a bag of beers with ice on the handle.

2) Read #1 over and over until you disabuse yourself of this dopey idea.

Joseph Boe
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