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The Dualbrella doubles-up on your wet-weather protection


April 20, 2010

The Dualbrella

The Dualbrella

Recently, we’ve seen a modern take on the umbrella, and one made especially for dogs. Now there’s the Dualbrella – a clever twist on the traditional umbrella that provides ample cover for two and can be held with one hand. It’s also an ideal way to befriend that cute person at the bus stop when there's an unexpected downpour – without having to think of a catchy (and possibly ineffective) pick-up line.

The best thing about the Dualbrella is there’s no need to jockey for a position underneath the canopy. It measures a massive six feet (1.83m) wide and is three feet (0.91m) deep. The lightweight dual side tubes, ribs and stretchers ensure the umbrella remains rigid and make it strong enough to last more than one season (or girlfriend/boyfriend).

Operated manually, the Dualbrella has a pull-cord to help with closing. Made from black nylon, it includes a handy carrying pouch and the oversized canopy is ideal if you’re carrying a load of shopping that you don’t want ruined by the rain.

It weighs 1.25 pounds (567 grams) and when closed is 36" l x 2.75" w (91.4cm l x 7cm w).

It costs US$39.95 and is available from Hammacher Schlemmer.

I’m not sure if the Dualbrella will earn you any friends on a busy city street, but it might be the gadget that brings you and your potential new girlfriend/boyfriend together on a rainy day.

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Very Intelligent Design. Many a time the rainwater slides down on the shoulders when the Umbrella is slightly moved from Centre. The cost has to be brought down to enable Developing Country people to afford it.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP), India

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