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Off-grid eco-hotel concept offers minimal-impact living


May 12, 2014

Drop XL was designed by Barcelona-based architecture and design studio IN-TENTA (Image: Estudibasic)

Drop XL was designed by Barcelona-based architecture and design studio IN-TENTA (Image: Estudibasic)

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Spanish architecture and design firm In-Tenta has unveiled an interesting eco-hotel concept that can also serve as a small home or guest accommodation. Drop XL is a flexible and minimal-impact living unit that sports a range of additional options, including a choice of operating either on or off-grid.

Drop XL is the second iteration of the same design to come from Barcelona-based In-Tenta. Featuring a larger footprint and several refinements over its predecessor, the Drop, the cylindrical unit has an area of 30 sq m (322 sq ft) and is raised on a number of small metal stilts in order to minimize its impact on the soil.

The interior of Drop XL features solid laminated wood flooring, and in its default configuration contains a porch, bedroom, lounge, and bathroom with shower and bath – though this layout can be configured to suit. There's also a small decking area outside that affords easier access to the raised dwelling.

Entrance is gained via a large sliding door and there's a large bulbous window at each end, with a skylight running along the center of the ceiling. The home is built from wood, steel, glass, and aluminum, and each unit will be prefabricated in a factory before being transported to its ultimate destination by truck.

A company rep told Gizmag that plans are afoot to to make the concept into a purchasable product "soon," but there's no definite word yet on availability or pricing. Additional options will be "plentiful" and will include off-grid technology such as solar power.

Below is a closer look at the Drop XL.

Source: IN-TENTA

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I think that is really nice. Instead of a 'time capsule', it is more like a 'life capsule'. I think they did an excellent job on it. All it would need is a tiny kitchenette and it would be complete.


Living off the grid is inherently less environmentally friendly than urban living. Putting you little house on stilts doesn't make up for the damage from driving however many miles into town when you go grocery shopping. You want to save the environment? Stay away from it.

Ben Mullison

Wow, the outside view looks like a screenshot from the MYST series...

Desert Tripper
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