Drone racing to hit ESPN this year

With a number of semi-professional leagues popping up around the world, drone racing has teetered on the edge of mainstream sport for a little while now. And a new broadcast deal signed between the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) and ESPN certainly won't do its popularity any harm, with a series of cashed-up race events to be showcased on the network later in the year.Read More

When drones and pork collide

In a display of true awesomeness, researchers from the Drone Research Lab at Denmark's Aalborg University have built a catapult that fires hobby drones at a pork roast. This display of porcine projectile piercing is not only high on the list of conversation starters, it also has the serious goal of finding out more about the safety hazards posed by the tiny aircraft to people and property.Read More

Imaging drones to spot signs of explosive chemicals leaking from landmines

Care estimates there are some 110 million landmines buried around the world, with more than 70 people killed or injured each day by these deadly devices. Locating and disabling landmines is not only a meticulous and time-intensive task, but an incredibly dangerous one as well. Working to help keep humans out of harm's way, British scientists are developing drones with advanced imaging technology to more effectively map and speed up the clearing of affected areas.
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Bees' supreme obstacle avoidance to make for smarter drones

For more than a century, aeronautical visionaries have turned to the natural world for inspiration and those working with modern-day miniature aircraft that fit in the palm of your hand are no different. By learning how bees safely zip through thick rainforests in spite of their poor vision, scientists say they can endow flying robots with similar capabilities, promising exciting new levels of autonomy for small drones.Read More

Facial recognition drone gives your selfie stick wings

In some ways, selfie-snapping drones seem a natural progression from outstretched arms and ever-lengthening selfie sticks. It doesn't matter what kind of reach these tactics afford you, it will always pale in comparison to that of a flying camera. Roam-e is the latest drone to take aim at self-portraiture, and armed with facial recognition technology it is promised to always keep you in the frame.Read More

Amphibious drone hides underwater until it's go-time

Not too long ago we heard about the Loon Copter, a land-based quadcopter that can go into the water and "fly" beneath the surface. Well, a team at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) has created something that's sort of the opposite. It's a drone that's based underwater, but that can make flights above the surface as needed.Read More

Fifteen-year-old pilot claims $250,000 in drone racing's richest event

Not too long ago, superior joystick skills at the age of 15 might have won you nothing more than bragging rights among your gaming buddies, but for one young pilot from England, it has led to a huge payday and instant recognition among a global community. In Dubai over the weekend, Luke Bannister beat out 150 other competitors from around the world to lead his team to victory at the first World Drone Prix, returning home with a cool US$250,000 in tow.Read More

Drone racing takes off with Dubai's $1 million World Drone Prix

Drone racing sure has gathered speed in a short space of time. For evidence of that, look no further than a new cashed up competition out of Dubai, a place that doesn't really do things by halves. Set to take place this coming weekend, the World Drone Prix will play host to pilots from all around the globe battling for US$1 million in cash prizes.Read More


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