Drone racing takes off with Dubai's $1 million World Drone Prix

Drone racing sure has gathered speed in a short space of time. For evidence of that, look no further than a new cashed up competition out of Dubai, a place that doesn't really do things by halves. Set to take place this coming weekend, the World Drone Prix will play host to pilots from all around the globe battling for US$1 million in cash prizes.Read More

Ahead of the game: DJI's Phantom 4 introduces obstacle avoidance, ActiveTrack and Sport Mode

With the 3DR Solo hot on its heels and a GoPro drone getting set to launch, DJI's Phantom 3 has been coming under pressure lately. No longer. Ever a step ahead of the game, DJI today released an impressive new Phantom 4 that features the first true obstacle detection and avoidance system we've seen on a consumer quadcopter. Enhanced autonomous flight modes let it track targets and fly itself better than ever before. There's also a new Sport mode that lets the Phantom match the Inspire One's top speed of 45mph, as well as a redundant secondary compass and IMU to make the Phantom 4 one of the first consumer quads that's starting to approach industrial levels of reliability.Read More

Australia deploys shark-spotting drones to keep watch over beachgoers

With tens of thousands of miles of coastline and a recent spike in shark attacks, Australia is exploring some pretty imaginative approaches to ensuring the safety of its beachgoers. Magnetic barriers and shark-tracking phone apps are a few of the tech ideas that have been floated, and the state of New South Wales is now turning to drones to help do the job. It has launched a trial of unmanned shark-spotting aircraft, which will survey the coastline for predators lurking in shallow waters. Read More

Drone detection system exposes pilots flying dangerously close to airports

As hobby drones have wildly increased in popularity, so too has the need to keep pilots accountable. Following the launch of a mandatory drone registry last year, the US government is now exploring new technologies to detect drones flying too close to airports. Early testing has been labelled a success, and holds the promise of not just sniffing out rogue drones but the irresponsible people behind the joysticks as well. Read More

Infrared Sentry drone stays hot on the trail of missing hikers

With the ability to scan areas beyond the reach of human eyes, camera-equipped drones are emerging as a valuable tool for rescue efforts of all kinds. Now one startup is tuning the technology to the rugged Canadian wilderness, launching a portable drone that can be quickly unpacked and unleashed to capture thermal images and sniff out hikers that have wandered off course.Read More

US Army testing technology to 3D print mission-specific drones on demand

For troops out in the field, an ability to quickly call on different drones with different capabilities could prove invaluable in securing a mission's success, but logistically speaking this isn't very practical. An upcoming experiment being carried out by the US Army suggests this isn't as far-fetched as it sounds, however, with researchers currently testing technologies that would allow platoons to 3D print drones tailored specifically to their real-time objectives.Read More

Nesting platform takes smart drone capabilities to new heights

The proliferation of drones for a multitude of tasks has led to improved autonomy, and reduced the level of human intervention. On the flip side, however, people are still needed to physically wrangle drones to a site whenever they are required, and much time and expense is spent deploying them. To help reduce this burden, the new Dronebox nesting platform has been created to provide 24/7 autonomous capabilities to drones. It provides an automated recharging and storage station that can be left on site so a dedicated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) can be deployed on-call or routinely for many months at a time.Read More


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