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driSuit case keeps your iPhone "dri" underwater


June 19, 2012

The driSuit Endurance smartphone case allows people to access all of their iPhone's touchscreen controls while underwater

The driSuit Endurance smartphone case allows people to access all of their iPhone's touchscreen controls while underwater

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People just love their iPhones ... sometimes to the point where they don’t want to stop using them when they enter the water. That’s why the driSuit Endurance was invented. It’s a water- and shockproof case for the iPhone 4 and 4S, that allows users to still take advantage of all of the phone’s touchscreen controls – even when underwater.

Needless to say, there are tons of rugged and/or waterproof smartphone cases already on the market. One of the things that sets the Endurance apart, however, is its proprietary fluidic touchscreen. This consists of transparent inner and outer membranes with a clear inert fluid sandwiched between them. It sits in place over top of the phone’s existing screen, allowing users to access all of its features – although they may have to press a bit harder than usual. Additionally, when used underwater, the iPhone may take up to 20 seconds to “electronically acclimate” to the fluidic touchscreen.

Besides allowing for touchscreen functionality, the Endurance’s screen also provides the phone’s display with some protection against impacts and scratches. Shocks and vibrations are soaked up somewhat, by a soft plastic lining inside the case.

Should underwater users not be content with things like taking photos and checking their email while below the surface, they can also use the case’s waterproof headphone receptacle to listen to music ... assuming they have waterproof earphones, that is, which driSuit Technologies also sells.

The staff there inform us that the Endurance is rated to a depth of one meter (3.28 feet), although they factory test their units down to five meters (16.4 ft) for one hour. That sounds good for people like snorkelers and surfers, although scuba divers might want something that can go considerably deeper, such as the TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case – although that case only allows users to take photos, using mechanical button controls.

The Endurance is available now for US$59.95, and can be seen getting put through its paces in the video below.

Source: driSuit Technologies via Photojojo

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