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DraganFlyer X8 takes you places (visually) you only dreamed of before


December 3, 2009

The DraganFlyer X8 prototype UAV is capable of taking stunning still shots and HD video wi...

The DraganFlyer X8 prototype UAV is capable of taking stunning still shots and HD video with a larger carrying capacity than its predecessors. See the photo gallery for some typical shots

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Set to fly in 2010 is the latest UAV helicopter from Draganfly - the Draganflyer X8 - that can take video and still shots from places previously impossible or too dangerous to reach by other methods. The X8 is a miniature aircraft for commercial/industrial aerial video and photography and uses eight main horizontal rotor blades that allow it to hover efficiently and maneuver rapidly using differential thrust. Utilizing its eight efficient, brushless electric motors, the Draganflyer X8 can carry heavier and more advanced payloads while providing more safety features than ever before.

Still a prototype, the Draganflyer X8 is able to carry a variety of digital SLR cameras and various 1080p video cameras to deliver some unique visual results. The X6 model can carry up to 500g (1.1lb) so we’d expect this one to be able to carry a bit more. That’s why it comes with an optional military-grade detachable load bearing system that allows the Draganflyer X8 to carry various components to any location that you can hike into, for instance.

The device has a sturdy folding carbon fiber frame that folds to a compact size for easy portability and is capable of fitting into normal baggage or its own backpack case.

The new model (a progression from the X6, which incidentally, is now being used by the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department, Colorado) offers improved safety features. According to its creators, even if an in-flight collision causes one of the motors to stop working the Draganflyer X8 helicopter will still be able to fly using the remaining seven motors, says Draganfly.

To achieve its remarkable stability the Draganflyer X8 uses an onboard processor running custom-designed Draganfly software and receiving data from 11 onboard sensors (three gyros, three accelerometers, three magnetometers, one barometric sensor, and one GPS receiver). All this technological wizardry means the Draganflyer X8 is also easily piloted by users with minimal training, claims the manufacturers.

The company also offers comprehensive training and back up to purchasers of its equipment.

Check out the website for plenty of demo videos on previous models and see just how these versatile UAVs get around.

Pricing is on request via an online ordering system.


500g=1.1 lb approx. not 17 lb!!!

Ed note: thanks for pointing out this error... now corrected

4th December, 2009 @ 06:03 am PST

Very cool! I want one! I love flying helicopters and RC planes - would love to fly one of these babies. I'm surprised that the Real Estate market did not take more advantage of these with their aerial photos for listing homes...

Facebook User
4th December, 2009 @ 07:03 am PST

"can carry up to 500g (17lb) "


Dan K
4th December, 2009 @ 07:37 am PST

I love these inventions and the inventors who come up with them. Hopefully, they will produce an affordable enthusiast model for the rest of us.

Fahrenheit 451
4th December, 2009 @ 10:32 am PST
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