Get 33% off the Doxie One portable scanner (+ free shipping)

Going paperless was always a nice idea. Not only is it immensely more eco-friendly than printing on dead trees, but it also offers a way of ordering the chaos. The traditional barrier to entry has always been the scanning process, but the portable Doxie One seems to be fixing that. Despite a waistline of 2.2 inches, the One can scan paper sizes up to A4/US Letter on battery power — in full color and at 300 dpi.

A4 sheets go through in about 8 seconds, and the quality is roughly comparable with a standard desktop heavyweight. But if you’re trying to ditch paper docs, the Doxie’s ability to operate without a computer is what sets it apart. Away from your computer, scans are stored on the included 2GB memory card. But when you then sync with Doxie’s desktop app, scans can be sent to most popular cloud services (Evernote, OneNote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) with a single click, and put through the in-built ABBYY OCR to make the scanned text searchable. Right now, the Doxie One has 33% off via the link below…

>> Get 33% off the Doxie One portable scanner ($99) + free shipping

Please note: The Doxie One is also available outside of the United Stats to a variety of countries (Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and many more). Check the terms and conditions to see if your country is included. However, outside of the US, Doxie One costs $149 (shipping included), instead of $99.

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