Döttling Fortress – the world's safest luxury safe?


February 16, 2013

The Döttling Fortress showing Colosimo safes and humidor drawer

The Döttling Fortress showing Colosimo safes and humidor drawer

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For the person who has everything and wants to make sure that no one walks off with it, German safe manufacturer Döttling has created with the Fortress. Billed as the “safest luxury safe in the world,” the Fortress is available in a number of bespoke configurations and Döttling says it can be certified for insurance coverage of up to US$1,000,000.

One configuration includes eight watch winders for those with a taste for expensive timepieces. These operate on specially designed software and each winder can be individually controlled to rotate left or right or oscillate. Above the main safe are two individual Colosimo safes with six more precision watch rotators.

If winding watches isn't enough, the Fortress also has a humidor drawer made of Spanish cedar with its own electronic humidifying system. Outside the safe are hygrometer and barometer readouts built by Wempe to keep tabs on the state of your Cohiba Robustos..

The Fortress does try to soften its image with an exterior upholstered with calfskin, though it doesn't do much to hide that fact that it is a very serious safe.

The Fortress is available in the certified security classes VdS/EN 3 to VdS/EN 5 – Döttling describes the latter as “absolutely unique.” Only ten will be built for each security class and different configurations and color combinations are available upon request. No price is quoted.

Source: Döttling via Born Rich

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I would have thought that a safety deposit box in any decent bank vault would be seriously safer and cheaper, too! The cost alone would have any burglar spotting this in someone's penthouse immediately saying: "Ah ha! this guy has goods definitely worth a lot to keep in here" If it is not too heavy to transport away, the owner is shooting himself in the foot. A plain but very shallow wall safe concealing a deeper goody vault behind it is the way to go.

The Skud

Be safer not to have this stuff. And are cigars so expensive that you need to put them in a safe?

Alien Bob

Thats pretty cool dude, I think I want one.

John Romano

Cool design at least... at least if you enjoy steampunk!!!

Dan Vasii

The thing that makes a safe, safe is it's delaying action. If you walked into a room and saw something like this. Unless your a real pro, you would just leave it be.. it's too heavy to move, burning or blowing it would destroy the content inside. Looking at the the photos it even has a time lock restricting the times that it can be opened. There by defeating "rubber hose" cracking.

The same thing can't be said of the cheap portable class b safes. You know the one's you can buy at your local Walmart or Office depot.. These can be rolled away and opened later. The watches would be dead, the cigs history, but paper and Jewelry would be in tack.

Kobe Wild
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