Doctor Who memorabilia set to hit the auction block


November 22, 2013

This "Destroyed Dalek" will be one of the items up for auction

This "Destroyed Dalek" will be one of the items up for auction

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With the 50th anniversary of the "timeless" TV series Doctor Who taking place this weekend, Bonhams auction house in the UK has announced its upcoming sale of memorabilia from all five decades of the program. On December 18th, participants in the Entertainment Memorabilia sale will be able to bid on items such as a destroyed Dalek, a Cyberman costume, and scripts from various episodes.

The "fixer-upper" Dalek stands over one meter (3.3 ft) tall, and is made of wood, fiberglass, metal, plastic and foam. It is believed to be the very model blown up in 1988's Remembrance of the Daleks, and is expected to fetch somewhere between £4,500 and £5,000 (around US$7,700).

Other highlights include Yeti homing devices from 1968's The Web of Fear (£2,000-£3,000/$4,050 each), a Taran Wood Beast monster costume from 1978's The Androids of Tara (£1,500-£2,000/$2,800), and an original Tardis model (£2,000-£3,000/$4,050).

The items on sale reportedly come from a variety of sources. You can preview what will be up for grabs on the auction's website.

Source: Bonhams

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