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DOCKr offers six iPad accessories in one device


April 2, 2013

The DOCKr offers six functions from one device

The DOCKr offers six functions from one device

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The iPad is a great device, but it's the accessories that maximize its usefulness. Keyboards like Elecom's butterfly keyboard for iPad, and ultra-high capacity batteries are just a couple of examples. Now, a new product called the DOCKr looks to combine six different iPad accessories into one do-it-all device.

The six accessories DOCKr includes are as follows: a case, battery, speakers, keyboard, viewing dock, and changeable styling. Calling style an accessory might be a stretch for some users, but some would consider changing the color of their iPad to be an important function.

There are two models available, the DOCKr 1 and DOCKr 2. Both models of the DOCKr can support the iPad in landscape and portrait mode for comfortable viewing of all kinds of media. The angle can be adjusted up to 140 degrees. The device also supports sliding forwards and backwards, which is designed to provide ergonomic balance while using the device.

According to inNuevo, the creator of the product, the DOCKr 2's battery will provide 6-8 additional hours of battery life to the iPad. It also comes with USB ports, so it can charge smartphones or other USB-powered devices such as gaming systems.

Bluetooth speakers are also included with the DOCKr 2. The speakers can connect to the iPad or any other device with Bluetooth integration. They're powered by the lithium-ion battery, which means using them is going to decrease the amount of charge your iPad is able to receive. Still, the iPad does have some weak speakers, so getting 82 extra decibels is certainly nothing to scoff at.

The DOCKr 1 does not come with the electronics, so it's missing the battery, Bluetooth speakers, and USB ports found on the DOCKr 2.

Each of the two models is designed to fit Apple and inNuevo's wireless keyboards. These are sold separately, but there are options on Kickstarter to grab the DOCKr 1 for US$85 or the DOCKr 2 for $135 with inNuevo's keyboard. Without the keyboard, a pledge of $50 is required for the DOCKr 1 and $105 is needed for the DOCKr 2.

inNuevo just launched the product on Kickstarter with the goal of $15,000. The funds from Kickstarter will go towards the company's first bulk order and its first round of production. Besides the aforementioned purchase options, the company is also offering plenty of custom options with higher price tags.

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information on the DOCKr.

Source: Kickstarter

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so..... they are charging an extra 135 dollars.... to turn your ipad...... into a laptop......


I agree with Cyberxbx, except a laptop cannot be a tablet, yet a tablet can be a laptop, and they remain poles apart.

My grandchildren are conversant with an iPad, the youngest is pre-speech yet he can be left with an iPad and operate it for fleeting entertainment! He would not be so entertained by a laptop nor a netbook.

When it's time for serious work, go for a computer. The smart phone is smart but not wise. The tablet is not wise on a bigger scale.

When shall the twain meet?


How about something useful like adding USB to the keypad to expand the memory and reduce the need to pay apple exorbitant wads of cash for the overpriced 32 and 64 Gb iPads.

Reagon Ramiah
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