DJI promises a steadier shot, with the Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopter


April 7, 2014

The newly-announced Phantom 2 Vision+

The newly-announced Phantom 2 Vision+

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Last November, DJI Innovations released its Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter. Unlike the base Phantom copter, this one featured its own motorized HD video camera that could be remotely tilted by the user. Now, DJI has announced the Phantom 2 Vision+. Its camera has a three-axis electronic stabilizer, which keeps the shot steady regardless of changes in pitch, roll or yaw.

Like the Vision before it, the Vision+ offers features such as GPS-enabled position holding; return-to-home capability; 25 minutes of flight time on one charge of its 5,200-mAh lithium-polymer battery; and real-time viewing of its onboard video via a Wi-Fi-linked iOS or Android mobile device, making FPV (first-person view) flight possible.

Its camera shoots video at a maximum resolution of 1080p/30fps, along with 14-MP stills.

As with its predecessor, that camera can be tilted up and down by remote control. What's new this time around, however, is an electronic gimbal system that allows the camera to stay level, even as the quadcopter itself moves around – it does so by automatically panning and tilting, in order to compensate for the aircraft's changing orientation. This means that every little fore/aft or left/right jiggle won't show up in the video.

Additionally, when users do want to change the shot, they can now tilt the camera 90 degrees straight down.

Most of the other specs are the same as those for the Phantom 2 Vision. One interesting firmware update for its flight control system, however, is the No Fly Zone feature. This lets users know if they're in an area – such as the vicinity of an airport – in which UAVs are not allowed to fly.

The Phantom 2 Vision+ is priced at US$1,299, which is just $100 more than the Vision. You can see footage shot with it in the video below.

Source: DJI Innovations

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I like these quad copters. I'm waiting for the day where one will sit on the roof of my house and any time a motion sensor is triggered it would lift from its roost, shine a light on what triggered it and send video with warning signal to a video device in my home. It might deter an intruder.


I would not to recommend to anybody to but the Phantom 2 Vision+ at this time, wait a year. I am owner whose Phantom Crashed, after 4 flights and the back gimble popped apart, and the cable broke. The repair center tells me that DJI requires that spend $750 for a new camera. That is about half as I have spent already. I do not have a choice, but other people do. It will take almost 2 months before I get my drone back. And all the parts have to ship by container ship from China. Do not be seduced by the slick videos!

Joey Jojo

I haven't tested this one yet, but it looks like a pretty good upgrade to the Phantom 2 Vision. The automatic stabilization looks like a great addition. I always hated how I had to adjust that myself. Tilting the camera 90degrees straight down is also pretty cool, although I don't think i've ever done that once while shooting.

David Wang
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