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DisplayMapper unveils MirrorBox projection-mapped display unit


July 8, 2014

The MirrorBox projects 3D-mapped images onto solid objects

The MirrorBox projects 3D-mapped images onto solid objects

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Advertising is a bit like an arms race, with businesses competing with one another in a never-ending battle for the eyes and ears of consumers. The latest salvo in this Don Draper war is the MirrorBox, billed as "the world's first projection-mapped display unit." Built by DisplayMapper, a division of London-based Projection Artworks, the MirrorBox is a self-contained projection system designed for retail spaces and points of sale that projects stereographically-mapped images onto three-dimensional objects.

Unlike projection systems designed to throw an image onto a flat surface, the MirrorBox uses DisplayMapper’s 3D-mapped projection system to project high-resolution images over three-dimensional objects, such as display decorations, mannequins, and products. DisplayMapper isn't giving away too many secrets, but the company says that the high-brightness system that’s visible in daylight uses a series of lenses and mirrors to project the mapped images, which are controlled by bespoke cloud-based software.

The system uses only one projector, but it can cast images on multiple objects and a high-definition backdrop behind the highlighted product. This cloud-based system also allows hundreds of MirrorBoxes to be controlled from a central location, and for clients to upload their own content.

MirrorBox is controlled by a cloud-based system

The company says that the MirrorBox system is easy to maintain and has a 3D mapping system comparable to similar ones costing 50 times more. The MirrorBox is available for purchase or can be hired for one to three months. In addition, bespoke MirrorBoxes can be constructed by third parties and fitted with the DisplayMapper technology.

"Mirror Box is the first of a whole new generation of POS displays, driven by a relatively low-cost 3D projection system that can centrally control and distribute valuable content to hundreds of MirrorBox displays situated across the globe," says Tom Burch, managing director of DisplayMapper and Projection Artworks. "There’s nothing you would normally associate with a projector install – no keyboard, no monitors, no cable runs. It’s all self-contained, controlled by an app and very easy to use."

The video below introduces MirrorBox.

Source: DisplayMapper

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How soon till they sell shoes that do that without the box. (fibreoptics and such)

Ben Tumaru O'Brien
8th July, 2014 @ 09:59 pm PDT
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