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Dish Super Joey records up to eight TV shows simultaneously


March 13, 2014

The Dish Super Joey allows users to record up to eight TV shows at once

The Dish Super Joey allows users to record up to eight TV shows at once

TV shows that clash, or family members that clash over TV shows, mean that we don't always get to watch the show we want. A new service from US-based satellite provider Dish, however, can change that. The Super Joey allows users to record up to eight simultaneous TV programs.

The Super Joey is an add-on for Dish's Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR platform, which allows users to pause, rewind and record live TV. It also allows playback of recordings on any connected TV in the house, as well as on computers, smartphones and tablets. Other features include the ability to skip commercials, connect to the Internet and use apps via Wi-Fi, and stream audio from SiriusXM or Pandora.

Using the Super Joey in conjunction with the Hopper adds an extra two network tuners to the Hopper's existing three tuners. As a result, users are able to record up to eight shows at the same time – any four shows plus the four major US broadcast networks or any five shows from any network.

The Joey family of add-ons for the Hopper system also includes the Wireless Joey, which gives a user the ability to watch shows throughout the house via Wi-Fi, and the Virtual Joey, an app that allows users to access their Hopper account and recordings through smart TVs and games consoles.

Source: Dish

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I have a hard time finding eight programs worth watching in a week!


I went for this. It was a pain to sit every day and delete dozens of programs I did not want. Dish automatically records all prime time shows on the three major networks. Those networks provide about 10% of what I want.

When I opted out of the prime time auto recording, I lost my auto delete of commercials. Commercial delete only works for prime time auto record.

Now I can record 5 shows at once (very rarely used) but I can't watch a sixth show live when doing this. I have to watch a recorded show.

I miss the auto commercial delete. It was a major selling point.

Don Duncan
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