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Ditching the lens enables superslim FlatCam that's thinner than a dime

Much has changed in camera design over the years, but snapping photos and shooting video still invariably requires a lens to capture light and focus on a subject. But if a camera could somehow replicate this process digitally, making relatively chunky lens attachments completely unnecessary, what would be left to look at? Well, going by new research underway at Rice University, not really much at all. Engineers have produced a functional camera that is thinner than a dime, raising the possibility of tiny, flexible versions that could one day be embedded in everything from your wallpaper to your credit card.Read More

Extremely rare Nikon lens which can see behind itself goes to auction

The Nikon Fisheye Nikkor F5.6 6.2-mm SAP is said to be one of the world's rarest camera lenses. The bulbous piece of glass, which is actually able to see behind itself, was never made available to the public, and only three examples are believed to have been produced. This month, one of those will go up for auction, where it's thought it could sell for up to US$50,000.Read More

Pulse lets you control camera settings from a smartphone

Pulse is a remote camera trigger for Canon and Nikon DSLRs which allows users to wirelessly control the shutter and adjust settings such as ISO, aperture and shutter speed from their smartphone. The device, which can also be used when shooting video or time-lapses, is currently on Kickstarter, where it exceeded its US$50,000 funding target in just three hours.Read More

Tikee camera simplifies professional time-lapse photography

Due to launch on Kickstarter next month, Tikee is a camera system that's aimed at making it easier to shoot high-quality time-lapse videos. The camera features dual wide angle lenses to produce immersive footage, and is designed to be durable enough to remain in position longer than you'd probably be happy leaving your DSLR out for.Read More

Slopes offers 20 ways to angle your GoPro camera

Slopes is a unique GoPro stand which aims to make it faster and easier to position your action camera. Currently on Indiegogo, the polyhedron stand has slots to attach it to a GoPro camera in various orientations, and can then be rested on different sides to shoot footage from 20 different positions. Read More


Review: Hands-on with the Boomr bungee cord camera strap

There are no shortage of camera straps out there which promise to make carrying your interchangeable-lens shooter more comfortable. The Boomr, which is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign, aims to do this by using built-in bungee cords to act as shock absorbers. We recently spent some time with a pre-production model to see whether the Boomr is worthy of bouncing its way onto your camera.Read More

2015 Full Frame DSLR Comparison Guide

So you're in the market for a new full frame DSLR camera, but which one to choose? Here to help you out is Gizmag's 2015 full frame DSLR comparison guide, where we look at the key specs and features of the best and most popular full frame DSLRs on the market in 2015.Read More


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