Digital Cameras

Nikon’s flagship D5 becomes official and shoots 4K video

After teasing that it was in development late last year, Nikon has now unveiled its flagship D5 DSLR, and it looks like quite a beast. The new professional-focused camera features a 20.8-megapixel full frame sensor, boasts a new 153-point autofocus system, has an almost ridiculously wide ISO range, and can shoot 4K video. Read More

2015 high-end mirrorless camera comparison guide

If you're looking for the latest in camera technology, mirrorless cameras are increasingly where it's at. High-end mirrorless shooters can now hold their own with top-notch image quality, features and build quality, often leaving their DSLR brethren looking bulky and out of date. Here Gizmag compares the key specs and features of some on the best mirrorless cameras on the market in 2015. Read More

YoCam takes a shot at recording life, action with greater versatility

Life loves to present us with incredible and/or unexpected situations, but unless someone has a camera actively recording, those moments lose the potential for widespread sharing. Mofily is taking aim at people looking to capture just such events. Its pocket-sized YoCam is designed to be an all-in-one camera that can be worn and/or attached to almost any mounting accessory available.Read More

The 6 best DSLR cameras for beginners (2015)

DSLRs aren't just the preserve of professional photographers and hobbyists who geek out over megapixels and ISO ratings, as they can also offer a great option for users who have outgrown their smartphone or compact camera. Here we look at some of the best DSLRs for beginners looking to up their photographic game.Read More


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