Digital Cameras

World's thinnest lens measures a barely-there 6.3 nm thick

Scientists have created the world's thinnest lens, which at just 6.3 nm (nanometers) thick is one two-thousandth the thickness of a human hair. The team from the Australian National University (ANU) says the lens was made using molybdenum disulphide crystal, and could be key in the miniaturization of cameras and the development of flexible computer displays.Read More

Sigma’s sd Quattro mirrorless cameras are a quirky duo

Sigma has announced two new mirrorless cameras which will use its Foveon X3 image sensor (Quattro generation). The upcoming sd Quattro and sd Quattro H will employ APS-C and APS-H sized versions of the sensor respectively, and will also feature the Sigma SA mount, making them compatible with the firm's Global Vision lenses. Read More

The 4K Ricoh WG-M2 goes wider than your average actioncam

Ricoh has updated its rugged action camera with the 4K-shooting WG-M2. The new adventure-focused camera also gains a wider and faster lens which could lead to more immersive footage. While the new camera is both smaller and lighter than its predecessor, it still retains its tough go-anywhere credentials thanks to waterproofing, shock resistance and being freeze-proof.Read More

Nikon’s DL premium compact trio are all about their lenses

Nikon has finally decided to enter the market of premium compact zoom cameras with not one, but three new shooters. The DL trio share many specs including a 20.8-megapixel one-inch-type sensor, with their focal length range being the main distinguisher between them. One camera focuses on the wide angle, one has a standard zoom, and the other features a long super zoom.Read More

Samsung expands its view with all-seeing Gear 360 video camera

With virtual reality headsets from the likes of Oculus, Sony and HTC set to launch in the coming months, 360-degree cameras, too, are starting to come in from all directions. At this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung has announced its first foray into the immersive video content creator space with a spherical shooter that shuttles 360-degree video straight to the smartphone.Read More

Canon’s G7 X Mark II premium compact gets a speed boost

Canon has revealed the latest iteration of its premium large sensor compact camera with the PowerShot G7 X Mark II, and this one promises to be quick. The first camera to be bestowed with Canon's new Digic 7 image processor, the G7 X Mark II claims faster autofocus and tracking, and improved low light performance. Also announced is the PowerShot SX720 HS which packs a very big zoom for a pocketable camera.Read More


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