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Olympus Air A01 turns your smartphone into a mirrorless camera

Olympus has announced its Air A01 add-on camera for smartphones, which turns your Android or iOS device into a very capable mirrorless camera, will be getting a wider release and heading to the US. Previously only available in Japan, the Olympus Air A01 is a smartphone-controlled camera similar to the Sony QX1, but features a Micro Four Thirds lens mount with a matching 16-megapixel sensor and is an open platform for developers.Read More

Spherical, throwable Explorer camera to land in 100 US police departments

After showing the world a prototype throwable camera in 2012, Bounce Imaging is sending 100 of its Explorer cameras to police departments across the US. The Boston-based company originally conceived the idea of a throwable camera in an attempt to improve safety for first responders, but quickly gained interest from police departments whose personnel are often forced to jump headlong into potentially dangerous situations without a clear picture of what they'll face.Read More

Clip and Flipper aim to make changing lenses easier

While most experienced photographers think nothing of changing the lens on their camera, others find it difficult to do on the fly while juggling their camera, lenses and lens caps. The Clip and Lens Flipper is a system which aims to take the stress out of changing lenses by making it easy to carry a second lens, and gives users a spare mount for the lens they are taking off the camera.Read More

New Padcaster will fit any mobile device

The Padcaster is kind of a neat product, if you’re an iPad videographer. It’s an anti-vibration-padded aluminum iPad frame with threaded holes that allow users to add accessories such as a shotgun mic, light, lens or tripod. Soon, however, it’ll be getting a sister device that can be used with any tablet or smartphone.Read More

SoloCam is the big boys' selfie stick

Ah, the selfie stick ... perhaps one of the most made-fun-of inventions of the past few years. The SoloCam takes the basic idea and adds to it, however, creating a tool that could actually be useful to video bloggers or even serious journalists whose camera operators have been laid off.Read More

Canon reveals the zoom-centric PowerShot G3 X

Canon teased in February that it was working on developing a compact camera with a 25x optical zoom and a one-inch-type sensor to add to its G-series line-up alongside the G1 X II and G7 X. The firm has now revealed more details about the 20-megapixel PowerShot G3 X which will be released in July and offers a massive 24-600-mm equivalent lens. The camera will also boast a tilting LCD touchscreen and a hot shoe. Read More

DxO One lets your iPhone take DSLR-like photos

Your DSLR may take great photos, but it's a hassle to carry around. Your smartphone is easy to carry, but its photos aren't as good. What do you do? Well, you'll soon have the option of using the DxO One. It's a pocket-sized "DSLR-quality" camera that uses its own lens and sensor to take pictures, but utilizes your iPhone or iPad as its viewfinder and control panel.Read More

Ricoh GR II adds Wi-Fi to the cult street shooter

The last time Ricoh updated its GR-series of fixed focal length compact cameras, it made big improvements to the cult street shooter including the use of a large DSLR-like APS-C sensor and a slightly bigger body. The firm obviously thinks it got something right back then, because it's just announced its successor, the GR II, and other than the addition of built-in Wi-Fi and a bigger buffer, not a lot seems to have changed.

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iblazr 2 LED flash for iOS and Android adds Bluetooth syncing

The iblazr external smartphone flash impressed us when it launched on Kickstarter two years ago, so much so it featured in our recent guide to the best smartphone camera accessories. Now the team behind the flash is back with the iblazr 2, a wireless version of the LED flash which uses Bluetooth, syncs with the native camera apps of iOS and Android devices, and lets users select a light color temperature.Read More


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