Digital Cameras

Tiny but feature-packed Olympus E-M10 II dials up the retro charm

Olympus has revamped its entry-level OM-D mirrorless camera with mod cons inherited from higher-end models and a simultaneous dose of nostalgic styling. The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II now boasts 5-axis image stabilization and a large high-res OLED viewfinder, along with a solid all-metal build, and distinctively retro dials and switches.Read More

Photos with overexposed highlights could one day be a thing of the past

Researchers at MIT Media Lab have proposed a new camera technology which could see an end to overexposed images. The modulo camera would work by employing a sensor which can reset the sensor capacitors of pixels as they overexpose, and "unwrapping" algorithms to recover color information which would otherwise have been lost in blown highlights.Read More

Slick motorized GoPro stabilizer is ready to get wet

Although the GoPro Hero’s wide-angle lens already does a good job at smoothing footage out, some shakes do still make it through when shooting particularly "bumpy" activities. There are plenty of counterweight-style devices to help in that regard, along with a few motorized stabilizing rigs and the new Slick stabilizer falls into the latter family. It fits all GoPro models with their waterproof housing, plus it's waterproof itself.Read More

Graava actioncam promises videos that are all killer, no filler

One of the things that's tricky about using an actioncam is the fact that while you don't want to miss anything, you also don't want to search through a ton of raw footage in editing. That's why the Graava was created. It's a sensor-laden camera that reportedly notices when interesting things are happening, and then automatically edits together a video of those events.Read More

Canon's new four million ISO video camera leaves nothing in the dark

Ever been poking around in low-light with your camera and thought, "you know what, I could really do with an extra few million ISO"? To be honest, neither have we because such a light-sensitivity would be ludicrous for most users. Well, that hasn't stopped the folks at Canon stepping things up in a big way with its full-frame ME20F-SH, a 4,000,000 ISO HD video camera that seems sure to bring the noise.Read More

RED Epic Dragon camera gives viewers the next best thing to being in orbit

NASA will soon be uploading 6K video clips of the International Space Station (ISS) thanks to the delivery of a RED Epic Dragon super high resolution camera, the same model that was used to shoot Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy. In the coming months, the Epic Dragon will bring viewers closer to the space station than ever before.Read More

The best GoPro accessories for 2015

Action cameras are great, but without the right mounts, grips and filters, you might struggle to capture footage that does your action-packed adventure (or extreme lawn mowing session) justice. Gizmag looks at some of our favorite GoPro accessories which will help you capture unique angles, mount your camera from everything from a speeding car to a dog, and keep shooting when other GoPro users are staring at a low battery warning.Read More

Fashion photo shoot captured with musical triggers

Though there are all manner of cool ways to fire the shutter of your camera with triggers like the Triggertrap and ioShutter, fashion shoots are traditionally still done with the old-fashioned finger and button combo. Not so at a recent shoot for an Australian retailer, in which 42 customized cameras were automatically triggered by frequencies in a live musical performance. Is it time to fire the photographer and hire a drummer?Read More


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