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Digital Cameras

PENTAX UA-1 digital camera adapter

December 18, 2007 A new compact digital camera adapter for spotting scopes is among the sports optics offerings from Pentax expected early in 2008. The sport line will also include two new binocular models designed for coping with the harshness of outdoor activity.  Read More

Qipit turns camera phones into a mobile scanner, copier and fax machine

December 18, 2007 An online application designed to reduce the cluttered piles of paper documents that refuse to disappear from our lives, mobile service Qipit turns a camera phone into a portable scanner and a mobile fax machine by enabling hard-copies to be digitally captured, cleaned-up and stored on the go. Using patented ink-extraction technology, the application automatically transforms photographs of a handwritten or printed document into a high contrast, easy-to-read digital copy that can then be stored or shared online. Qipit also sends a copy of the revitalized document to the user’s camera phone to reuse anywhere, eliminating the need to carry around a pile of paper documents.  Read More


December 17, 2007 If you're the type of intrepid traveler that returns from a journey with a gigabytes of digital photographs but no idea where they were taken, this might prove a valuable addition to your kit. The Sony GPS-CS1KA image tracker records the time, date and - using satellite navigation - the location of every photo, and collates the information so that you can view your photographic history on an online map.  Read More

Pocket Album digital keychain photo viewe

December 11, 2007 Offering convenience and versatility well beyond the capability of your stock-standard photo frame, digital photo displays are growing rapidly in popularity and functionality. Taking a step beyond the desk-bound or wall-mounted versions, even the humble keychain has now been digitized with products like the "Pocket Album", a portable digital keychain photo viewer with a 1.5-inch color LCD screen.  Read More

Digital photo frame includes built-in clock, alarm and calendar

December 7, 2007 Genius DPF-241 digital photo frames seeks to set itself apart from the field by also offering the convenience of a built-in clock, alarm and calendar.  Read More

Interactive tagging for online photos and videos

November 12, 2007 Photobucket has launched a new breed of photo tagging that gives users the ability to share linked photos across email and online social networks. Users can add up to 20 links within a single photo before sharing them, giving those viewing the images easy access to a range of related information.  Read More

Back view of image sensor using through-hole technology

November 9, 2007 Oki has developed a new manufacturing technique that makes it possible to further miniaturize camera modules for mobile phones. The company announced it has started a contract assembly service for W-CSP (Wafer level Chip Sized Package) semiconductors using through-hole technology - a process which can halve the size of conventional camera modules.  Read More

Bling! It's edge enhancement

November 7, 2007 Graphics and imaging software producers Vertus have announced the release of Bling! It – a graphic image editing tool that is aimed primarily at the army of people selling goods through online auction sites such as eBay and Amazon, for whom programs such as Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw represent serious overkill in terms of both complexity and cost. Vertus says Bling! It will enable online sellers as well as small businesses to quickly and easily create attention grabbing product shots for the web in mere minutes.  Read More

AJ-HPX3000G Camcorder

November 5, 2007 Panasonic’s one-piece, shoulder-mounted AJ-HPX3000G is a five-slot P2 HD high-end production camcorder capable of producing full-quality 1920x1080 high-definition images. With the accompanying release of a new 32 GB P2 card, this means that more than five hours of continuous recording are possible without the need to transfer content onto a hard drive.  Read More

Eye-Fi Card

November 1, 2007 Digital cameras with the ability to wirelessly transmit images began to hit the market in 2005 and Wi-Fi is now commonplace in many high-end models. A new approach by Eye-Fi Inc. that integrates this capability into an SD memory card promises to make this time saving functionality more accessible to a wider range of digital photographers. The Eye-Fi Card is the world’s first wireless card for digital cameras, allowing users to send photographs directly from digital cameras to PCs, Macs and online photo and social networking sites via home Wi-Fi networks.  Read More

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