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Digital Cameras

Nikon release small footprint D-60 digital SLR

February 4, 2008 As one of the smallest digital SLRs yet produced by the company, the latest addition to the Nikon D-series - the D60 - aims to squeeze the functionality and creative control offered by the digital SLR format into a more portable, downsized form shared with the D40. Key features of the 10.2 megapixel unit include an Integrated Dust Reduction System, extensive on-board editing, 0.19-second power-up, continuous shooting of up to 100 JPEG images at 3 frames per second, image stabilization and a new Eye Sensor function that turns off the 2.5-inch color LCD monitor when the viewfinder is being used and automatically switches it back on when the user moves their eye away.  Read More

SanDisk boosts speed and capacity for Ultra II SD memory card line

February 2, 2008 In more good news for camera enthusiasts and their memory hungry devices, Sandisk has announced the upcoming release of a 32GB SDHC card with significantly increased read and write speeds along with an 8GB version of its two-in one, USB-ready SDHC Plus line.  Read More

Strix Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System

January 30, 2008 Strix Systems and Dotworkz Systems have released the Integrated Wireless Video Surveillance System (IWVS)- an integrated outdoor surveillance system specifically designed to deliver high quality IP video footage over wireless/WiFi mesh networks.  Read More

Texas Instruments pico-projector technology on show

Texas Instruments is moving steadily towards commercialization of miniature projection devices with Sypro and Young Optics showing manufacturing prototypes of their pico-projection systems based on TI's Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology at the 2008 CES. The company sees the future for DLP pico-projectors in either a standalone format or as integrated modules in handheld devices.  Read More

3M's miniature projection engine

January 22, 2008 Miniature projection modules are seen as the answer to the problem of combining "big-screen" convenience with ever shrinking mobile device platforms and, in the same way that mobile phone cameras seemed to become commonplace almost overnight, consumers can expect highly-effective projection to become standard in phones and other handheld equipment in the not-too-distant future. The latest development from 3M gives a clear indication of where the emerging field is headed. Designed for integration into virtually any mobile platform and now available to manufacturers, the company's LED-illuminated projection engine is capable of throwing a 40-inch or larger VGA image from an ultra-compact module that's less than half an inch thick.  Read More

The JVC Everio GZ-MG360

January 21, 2008 JVC’s new G series of Everio hard disk camcorders announced at CES 2008 offer new functions that make operation simpler and more intuitive and feature a new, super-slim design that’s some 20 percent smaller than last year’s entry-level model. The new, colorful five-model Everio G lineup for 2008 consists of four 680K-pixel models and one 7 Megapixel model. The four 680K-pixel camcorders include two 30GB models and two 60GB models, while the lone 7 Megapixel model comes with 30GB of recording space. All models feature a new Laser Touch Operation user interface – moving a finger up or down a touch-sensitive illuminated scroll bar just to the left of the LCD monitor screen allows users to browse through and select video clips to view or edit, and operate menus for camera set-up. The 2.7-inch widescreen LCD’s high-resolution GUI is linked to Laser Touch movements, but the feature eliminates the risk of smudging or damaging the screen that users face with a touch-screen interface.  Read More


January 17, 2008 EarthCam's solar-powered TrailerCam is designed as an an eco-friendly solution for monitoring construction sites. Together with Control Center 7 software, the appliance provides HD images that allow project managers to monitor site progress live from a remote location, archive footage for dispute resolution and online promotion, as well as proving a viable telecommuting option for professionals working on the jobsite.  Read More

Blaupunkt’s first rear-view camera for cars

January 15, 2008 Blaupunkt has announced its first foray into the automotive rear-view camera arena with a tiny unit designed for fast mounting on most vehicles and simple connection to a wide variety of in-car video and navigation display devices.  Read More

Impecca unveil Wi-Fi digital photo frame

January 14, 2008 Impecca has introduced a new Wi-Fi LCD digital picture frame that allows users to enjoy unlimited pictures, movies and music via the Internet without the need for a computer. Impecca’s 10.4” Wi-Fi frame delivers an 800x600 resolution picture and can be controlled via remote control to play slideshows of pictures and videos set to music.  Read More

SanDisk launches high-definition video card line for digital camcorders

January 14, 2008 SanDisk were busy at CES 2008 and among the announcements was the release of a line of Flash memory based high performance video cards for use in digital camcorders. The SanDisk Video HD cards will be available in SDHC (high capacity) and Memory Stick PRO Duo formats, and will be identified not only by capacity, but also by minutes of recording time. Designed to overcome the problems consumers face in estimating just how much recording time is available from various resolution settings, the SanDisk Video HD card packaging offers a chart that shows the approximate number of minutes for HD High, HD Standard and HD Extended settings.  Read More

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