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Review: The Canon EOS 5Ds is about more than megapixels

It's not long since conventional photographer wisdom stated that no-one needed more than 12 megapixels. However, after Nikon reignited the megapixel race with the D800, and with 250-megapixel cameras on the horizon, pixels (along with sensor size) are once again where it's at. We recently spent some time with the current full frame DSLR megapixel champion, the Canon EOS 5Ds, to see what it's all about.Read More

Sony gets ultra-sensitive with the 4K-shooting A7S II

After updating its line-up of full frame mirrorless cameras with the A7 II and then the A7R II, it was a matter of when, not if, Sony's low light specialist, the A7S, would receive an update. Announced today, the ultra-sensitive A7S II boasts full frame internal 4K movie recording without pixel binning, in-camera 5-axis image stabilization, and an extended ISO which reaches all the way up to 409,600.Read More

PowerGrip H2O selfie stick charges your GoPro underwater

While we've previously seen a number of GoPro accessories which can keep you shooting when the battery runs out, the PolarPro PowerGrip H2O is the first we've come across capable of live-charging the action camera while underwater. Currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, the PowerGrip H2O is a waterproof selfie stick with an integrated battery, which can charge a camera at depths of up to 30 m (99 ft).Read More

Canon goes resolution-crazy with a 250-megapixel sensor

While 50-megapixel cameras offer more than enough resolution for most people, Canon thinks you might be hankering after a bit more, 200-megapixels more to be precise, as it's just revealed a 250-megapixel sensor. The new APS-H sensor is said to be the world's highest resolution CMOS sensor for its size.Read More

Kodak's 360-degree action camera goes 4K

Another day at IFA 2015, and another 360-degree camera has been given a video resolution bump. Yesterday the Ricoh Theta S made the move to Full HD video recording, today it's the turn of Kodak's spherical-shooting action camera, which has jumped to 4K. The upcoming Pixpro SP360-4K also gains a new optional wrist-worn remote controller.Read More

Polaroid Snap camera brings back instant, ink-free photo prints

Back in the old days, the instant-sharing of photos typically followed the click of a button, whirring of gears, and quiet swish as excited hands waved Polaroid film about while images resolved. The advance of the digital age has certainly redefined how we preserve and share memories with friends and family; Many cameras and smartphones make it easy to upload images online for all to see. Polaroid's newest camera, the Snap, revisits the company's roots by combining instant prints with modern digital technology.Read More


Review: The Custom SLR Dual Camera Strap has got your back

Most photographers only need to use one camera at a time. But for wedding, sports, and news snappers, who often don't have time to change lenses, carrying multiple cameras, often heavy DSLRs, can be a back-pain-inducing occupational hazard. We recently spent a bit of time with the Custom SLR Dual Camera Strap to see if it could make wielding two cameras more comfortable.Read More

Panasonic's tweaked GH4R boasts unlimited 4K recording

While the Panasonic GH4 has been a hit with photographers and videographers since its release last year, demanding users in the latter camp have been asking for a bit more. Now the firm has announced the GH4R, an advanced version of the camera which boasts unlimited 4K recording and V-Log L video capability for better post production potential. Existing GH4 users will also be able to benefit from the new V-Log L functionality via a paid software upgrade.Read More

Canon's EOS M3 mirrorless shooter will get a US release

Following a decidedly ho-hum reception to its EOS M mirrorless interchangeable lens camera in 2012, Canon decided not to even release its follow-up, the M2, in the US. And when its successor, the M3, rolled out across Asia and Europe earlier this year, it looked like Canon was ready to give up on the US mirrorless market for now. However, the firm has announced the 24-megapixel shooter will finally get a US release later this year.Read More


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