A Universal Car Integration Kit for iPod from DICE Electronics


July 21, 2008

DICE Electronics Universal Car kit for iPod

DICE Electronics Universal Car kit for iPod

July 22, 2008 DICE Electronics have joined the glut of FM iPod transmitters already on the market with their Universal Car kit for iPod. The offering from DICE however differs from its competitors by using FM RDS technology - the communications protocol standard that sends small amounts of digital information such as time, track/artist info and station ID alongside conventional FM radio broadcasts. Using RDS allows song and artist name info from the iPod to show up on the screen of a compatible car radio.

The device offers two install options. The plug & play kit includes a “self-install” cable that connects to the standard 12V DC outlet of the car and sends the FM signal wirelessly so users can listen to their iPod right away. For those craving a static and interference free experience the second, hardwired option using the “pro-install” cable would be the way to go.

The “pro-install” cable connects directly to the antenna port of the radio, meaning there's no interference when the iPod is connected, and you're free to listen to FM radio when it is disconnected. This professional installation may require radio-specific antenna adapters, but is a good solution for some European markets where wireless FM transmitters are not allowed.

The DICE Universal Car Kit for iPod is available now for US$129.99 + US$59.00 for the optional iPod cradle.

For further info visit DICE Electronics.

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The FM-RDS is now shipping. Go to the website at or call 888 DICE999 ext 131.

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