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May 10, 2013

Dezien's Levitation concept bicycle

Dezien's Levitation concept bicycle

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A shadowy design outfit (shadowy in the sense that the majority of its website does not yet appear to be live) called Dezien has published images of an interesting concept bicycle dubbed Levitation that charges the cyclist's mobile devices… and electric car, apparently.

Most of what is known about the concept derives from two annotated diagrams of the bicycle. Its main feature is the integrated battery which is charged as the bike is ridden. So far as we can tell, this in no way powers the bicycle, but instead would be used to charge mobile devices by way of the integrated USB 3.0 ports, hidden somewhat mysteriously under a removable handlebar grip through which you would presumably have to feed your cables if charging when riding.

Apparently you'll be able to connect the bike to provide power to your home or electric car, which is somewhat optimistic, given limitations of batteries and the USB standard (3.0 or otherwise).

Most of what is known about the concept derives from two annotated diagrams of the bicycle

The bike also boasts an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot for your devices to connect to, though the technology with which this hotspot sends and receives data to and from the internet isn't specified.

Other touches include an LED display which would indicate the battery's charge level, and lighting to the front and rear built into the bicycle's frame.

Finally, the frame would be built from Hi-Macs, a building material more commonly associated with kitchen worktops and the like. Inhabitat reports that the design, developed by architect Michael Strain, was entered into a design competition based on the novel uses of the material. That being the case: job done.

Sources: Dezien, Inhabitat

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Wow. I want one of these SO bad!

(I don't know if i can count how many times I've said that in a comment on here...)

13th May, 2013 @ 09:19 am PDT
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