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Detroit Auto Show 2011 – what to watch out for


December 30, 2010

Detroit debut: Kia Motors KV7 Concept Car

Detroit debut: Kia Motors KV7 Concept Car

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Twenty-eleven is rolling in and we'll be heading back to Detroit to check out the best of what the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) has to offer. We've already been teased with the prospect of an all-new Toyota Prius, concepts from Ford and MINI and a new Benz C-Class. So what else can we expect to see under lights at the COBO Center come mid-January?

Kia Motors KV7 Concept Car

We have the above sketch but little else on the KV7 Concept Car, which appears to take design cues from the Soul and add gull-wing doors, a modular interior and some Cylon DNA

Here's the press release in its entirety:

Kia Motors To Unveil KV7 Concept Car At 2011 North American International Auto Show For the past several years Kia Motors’ design-led transformation has been delivering production vehicles – such as the Soul, Forte (Cerato) Koup and Sportage – that bear a very close resemblance to the original concept designs that preceded them.

At the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Kia will make another dramatic design statement with the world debut of an all-new, convention-challenging concept vehicle named “KV7”.

BMW 1 Series M Coupe and ...

Along with the first outing of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, BMW will debut the new 6 Series Convertible, the new 1 Series Coupe and the new BMW 1 Series Convertible. Confused? Check the gallery for more pics and stay tuned for full details from the show floor.

Porsche world debut

Porsche is returning to Detroit in 2011 for the first time since 2007 and it promises a grand re-entrance with the world debut of a new model along with several first showings in the USA.

Ford F-150 EcoBoost engine teardown

Something a little different from Ford is on offer at the NAIAS. Engineers will tear down an engine that has undergone quite a bit of wear and tear – the equivalent of 160,000 miles and 10 years of rugged use.

“Customers will be able to see for themselves how the components fared during a regime of tests that, when taken together, are far more extreme than even the harshest-use customer could dish out,” said Jim Mazuchowski, V6 engines programs manager. “This EcoBoost truck engine received no special treatment, and now we’re going to see how it did.”

The public teardown takes place on January 15 at 11 a.m.

Chrysler 300

We'll also have our eyes peeled for the 2011 Chrysler 300 with its distinctive LED-illuminated running lamps, dual-pane panoramic sunroof, luxurious interior and huge 8.4-inch Touch infotainment center.

Michelin Challenge Design

It's not all about the big boys and we're expecting to see some intriguing ideas spring from the 10th Annual Michelin Challenge Design competition which is hosted at the NAIAS. Hundreds of designers, teams, studios, and companies from over 50 countries will vie for floorspace in 2011, submitting full-size vehicles, scale models and computer-generated renderings.

NAIAS press preview days kick-off on January 10 – stay tuned for our coverage of what's shaping up to be a big show.


Where is the innovation in propulsion?? Just more of the same. Electric Vehicles NOW!!!

Allen Williams

Thanks Allen for saying just what I was thinking. If the audio industry was the auto industry we\'d still be stuck buying record players and 8-tracks. Of course they\'d have fabulous precision turntable motors and carbon fiber tape housings but there\'d be no real innovation going on.


2012 Honda Civic is coming to this show and I can\'t wait! My guess is start/stop tech and a mpg rating that will allow it to not need updating to hang with the 2016 CAFE standards, I hope.

Dave Maguire

We\'re excited for the porsche debut and live feed! For those who want to attend the Auto Show this year, my company is providing discounts for transportation to and from the show. Hope to see you there!

Facebook User

the Detroit show is a WASTE OF TIME because Detroit is DEAD as a car town. The rotting car-cases of Ford and GM are bloated, boring and banal.

BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, LISTEN UP: No one in Detroit buys your cars!!! That show is OVER. You need to show in the one car city that matters to your market: LOS ANGELES !! - and maybe Miamim and that\'s it!

You KNOW where your cars sell - so friggin show there!! Not in the rust belt! Wake UP.


Same old same old ....

Ross Mcewen-Page

Certain aspects of the Kia remind me of this concept van you covered that when finally made lost all of the cool features: http://www.gizmag.com/nissan-nv200-lcv-production-details/11087/

That\\'s the problem: everyone says they want innovation, but whenever something cool comes along that differs from a shoebox on wheels it gets called hideous or ugly and gimmicky and the automakers run back to the same old same old - which despite what people say, is apparently what they really want.

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