More luxurious than the average Range Rover: Design Q’s Q-VR


July 26, 2010

The rear doors of the Q-VR open up instead of out

The rear doors of the Q-VR open up instead of out

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Now that you’ve got that Air Deck balcony for your private jet, which is no doubt decked out with a suitably opulent interior, you’re probably looking for a way to get around on the ground in similar luxury. Thankfully, design consultancy Design Q has you covered there as well with its Q-VR. It’s a stretched Range Rover that boasts all the luxury embellishments associated with private jets to allow VIPs to travel in the same level of comfort on the ground as they enjoy in the air.

The Q-VR is based on the 2010 Range Rover and, to allow for passengers that have indulged in a little too much foie gras, the rear doors of the vehicle open up via hinges on the roof instead of out via hinges on the side. The interior boasts a drinks chiller, mini-spa center and cigar humidor amongst a swag of luxury fittings.

Design Q hasn’t released pricing details for the car but, since it’s aimed at transforming the way VIPs in the Middle East get from oil well A to oil well B, it’s safe to say that it won’t be cheap.

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