New device/app could turn your smartphone into a fishfinder


June 18, 2012

The display of the Deeper app

The display of the Deeper app

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Your smartphone and/or tablet can do just about everything else, why can’t they help you catch fish? Well, if the Deeper fishfinder ends up being commercially produced, they will be able to. The floating device would be paired with the user’s Android or iOS device, and would let them know if fish were in the area.

To use Deeper, users would attach their fishing line to one of three attachment points, depending on what sort of fishing they were doing. Using their regular rod and reel, they would then cast the 6-cm (2.4-inch) diameter sphere out onto the surface of the water – fresh or salt – in which they planning to fish.

The fishfinder would emit ultrasound waves down into the water, which would provide it with data on the location and numbers of fish nearby – it could also record things such as the depth and temperature of the water. It would then transmit that information via Bluetooth up to a distance of 150 feet (50 meters), to the user’s mobile device. An app running on that device would allow the user to view that data on its screen.

Should the user subsequently catch a fish, they could use their phone or tablet to take a photo of it, then post that photo to Facebook or Twitter, while remaining within the app.

The device itself would be water- and shockproof, and would run for approximately six hours on one charge of its lithium-ion battery.

Orlando, Florida-based tech company Friday Lab is currently working on a prototype, and hopes to soon be able to offer the technology to consumers at a price of US$199 a pop. The inventors are currently raising production funds on Indiegogo, where a pledge of at least US$149 will get you a Deeper of your own, when and if they become available.

There’s more information in the pitch video below.

Source: Indiegogo via Engadget

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Man's technology has already enabled us to kill most of the planet's stocks of food fish. Do we really need more 'cheats'. Do it the hard way. Its more of a challenge and more fun.

Doug MacLeod

About time! Displays should plug into external sensors and be able to do any job, GPS, fishfinder, surveying etc....

Max Kennedy

Round in shape I just cant see this is going to be a steady platform for the sonar. maybe for ice fishing. so don't worry about the fish Doug M there safe and sound.


is this only working upto 50 metres??? or is this working only for specific regions of SEA in teh world? do we have to download custom sea or reef maps? anyway to use offline maps?

Ahmed Himyaan
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