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Pioneer's new DDJ-WeGo2 is aimed at the beginner DJ on a budget


August 30, 2013

The front view of the new Pioneer WeGo2 DJ controller with an iPad

The front view of the new Pioneer WeGo2 DJ controller with an iPad

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Pioneer, a company that makes all kinds of audio equipment, is bringing a new system to market aimed squarely at budding disc jockeys with iPhones and iPads. The new model, called the DDJ-WeGo2 is actually an updated version of the DDJ-WeGo, and it comes with some pretty slick new features, most important of which is the way it interfaces with iOS devices for quicker access to music and smoother mixing.

Where the first model was made to work with laptops, this model attempts to streamline everything by allowing DJs to place their iOS devices in the designated slot, download the djay 2 application, and get to mixing tracks as quickly as possible. It comes with a Lightning connector, so only newer iOS devices will work.

The device still works with a laptop, if you should choose to forego the iOS route. In fact, the portable device is actually USB powered, which means it will require a laptop, or a USB power brick, like those included with most smartphones and digital cameras, to run.

Speaking of portable, the device is quite small, weighing in at only 3.53 pounds (1.6 kg) and measuring 4.9 inches wide by 8.2 deep by 2.5 high (12 x 21 x 6 cm). This makes it a good option for a DJ just breaking into the game, as it doesn't require much space to bring to parties and other gigs.

All of the other specs are virtually identical to the original WeGo model. Though not groundbreaking, it further lowers the barrier to entry, which could open up a fun hobby or profession to more users.

The price is budget, at least as far as DJ controllers like this go, coming in at US$429. It's available now directly from Pioneer and other retailers.

Source: Pioneer via SlashGear

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