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The shape-changing Transformative Bluetooth speaker


September 17, 2012

DBEST's Transformative speaker features a central module attached to two speaker modules that can rotate up to 180 degrees

DBEST's Transformative speaker features a central module attached to two speaker modules that can rotate up to 180 degrees

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From suitcases to doughnuts and from vests to shoulder harnesses, it seems speaker design knows no bounds. London-based audio product manufacturer DBEST has provided yet another twist to the saga with its aptly named Transformative Bluetooth Hi-Fi System that can go from a circle to an elongated snake form factor with a twist and turn of its speakers.

The Transformative is made up of three curved sections. There’s a central section that features an OLED display, control buttons and connectivity ports, either side of which are attached the two outer sections that house the speaker units. These speaker units can rotate up to 180 degrees to allow the user to customize the look of the unit and possibly get it into spaces other inflexible speaker units won’t fit.

Music can be streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth 2.1+EDR or wired through its standard 3.5 mm or USB ports. The unit can also act as a standalone player thanks to its microSD card slot, which also allows content to be copied between a USB-connected computer onto an inserted microSD card. However, playback of audio from microSD card is limited to MP3 and WMA.

The unit features a built-in microphone, allowing it to perform call-conferencing duties, with five physical buttons on the central segment allowing for call answer and hang up, as well as track and volume control. These buttons are located below the OLED display, which shows caller ID, information on battery status, track information, clock and calendar.

The unit’s 1,700 mAH lithium polymer battery can be charged in 3-4 hours via mini USB to provide up to 25 hours of streamed audio playback or up to 50 hours of wired audio. The two speakers consist of a 4 ohm, Ø40 mm driver putting out 3 W to give the unit a frequency range of 180 Hz to 20 KHz.

Designed to be portable, the Transformative comes with a protective travel pouch and 3.5 mm and USB cables. It weighs 0.55 kg (1.2 lb) and measures 173 mm (6.8 in) deep x 48 mm (1.9 in) high – length will vary.

DBEST’s Transformative Bluetooth Hi-Fi System retails for US$249.99 and is available through Amazon.

A promo video from DBEST showing off the Transformative can be viewed below.

Source: DBEST

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