The Darwin BBQ is one hot briefcase


June 20, 2012

The Darwin BBQ is a compact portable barbecue that's housed inside a briefcase

The Darwin BBQ is a compact portable barbecue that's housed inside a briefcase

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Picture a scene in a sitcom where some character arrives at a beach party dressed in a suit and tie, and carrying a briefcase. Everyone thinks that they’re some un-fun fuddy duddy, until they open their briefcase to reveal that there’s a barbecue inside! Woo-hoo! Well, that’s the idea behind the real-life Darwin BBQ.

When closed, the Darwin looks pretty much like a regular black briefcase – albeit a steel one, with a carrying strap. When opened, however, that case is used to hold an included triangular grill, along with a removable ash pan. According to online UK retailer I Want One of Those, there’s enough room on the grill to cook at least three or four hamburger patties at once.

If you like the idea of a folding portable barbecue, but don’t care so much about the briefcase gag, you might want to also check out something like the Esbit BBQ Box. On the other hand, if you want to really play up the whole “look what’s in my case” thing, you may be more interested in the electrically-powered Carson Portable Rotisserie Grill.

The Darwin BBQ is priced at £24.99 (US$39.25).

Source: IWOOT via Uncrate

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Love it but where do I find it? Perfect for the limited space in a camper where storage of most regular grills is awkward. When closed is there room nside for briquets to fire it up?

Jesse Allen

@Jesse, the briquets could ride where they are when in use.

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