DARTZ plans to build an electric bulletproof roadster


December 6, 2011

The Dartz Jo-Mojo electric roadster

The Dartz Jo-Mojo electric roadster

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Estonian armored vehicle maker Dartz has partnered with the Gray Design studio for the second time to give its recently-launched fuel-driven Mojo two-seater roadster an electric make-over. The lightly armored open-top electric low-rider will use the same Russian monocoque armoring system used for bigger vehicles like the Combat T-98. Designed for the streets of the Cote d'Azur, the Jo-Mojo will feature a novel sliding cover that will not only lock the car between trips but will also have solar cells built in, to give the onboard batteries some juice while baking in the Mediterranean sun.

The first design collaboration with Eduard Gray of Gray Design yielded the yacht-pulling Prombron Nagel Armored Sportback. There's a similar lack of solid information about the Jo-Mojo open-top electric roadster, but here's what we do know.

The Jo-Mojo will have an 80 horse-power electric motor with 90 lb-ft (122 Nm) of torque, and be capable of going from zero to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 9.5 seconds, and then on up to a top speed of 125 mph (201 km/h). Its flexible battery solution is currently being developed by former Soviet space manufacturer Sidrabe - which is also responsible for producing the flexible photovoltaic cells on the vehicle's retractable cover. Users will also have the option of adding in some extra battery power when needed, to cater for longer trips.

The Jo-Mojo is expected to benefit from custom seating, a color-changing chameleon paint finish, and "fantastic handling characteristics." Leonard F Yankelovich from Dartz told us that the company is currently manufacturing the pseudo-KAPSULA body for the electric roadster (which will also feature patented bullet-proof wheels), and is hoping for a production prototype to be running by the end of Q2 2012. When the vehicle is subsequently made commercially available, he estimates that prices will start at around EUR 30,000 (just over US$40,000 at the time of writing).

Just how useful a bulletproofed, open-top road warrior will be against would-be assassins is anybody's guess, but this thing looks like such a fun drive, it might just be worth the risk. In the meantime, Gray Design has produced the following video overview:

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Its about as useful as a fly screen door on a submarine.

Denis Klanac

Just the thing for the \"job creators\" in post-apocalypic America.

Chuck Anziulewicz
Chocolate tea pot Ashtray on a motorbike Snooze button on a smoke alarm Bullet-proof convertible mommus

Maybe this little roadster will wake up those auto manufacturers in the USA. I want one of these. And it is at a reasonable price too.


Not likely to do it for the pricepoint they predict. Why not offer the same car without all the armor for the rest of the 99%?

And ashtrays on a motorcycle are for not tossing a burning ember. Oh - LITTERING!


Why not first build a powerful car industry and brand from that part of the world. We all want variety and change. With a Russian company\'s involvement it could help them develop better quality manufacturing lines. What\'s wrong with the world. The T-98 made sense, this is ridiculous.

Dawar Saify

Will it be sold with a bullet proof helmit?

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