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Life-sized Hotwheels Darth Vader car hits Comic Con


July 23, 2014

The full-scale Vader HotWheels car uses a Corvette chassis and is reportedly capable of 80 mph (Photo: Mattel)

The full-scale Vader HotWheels car uses a Corvette chassis and is reportedly capable of 80 mph (Photo: Mattel)

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Darth Vader might traverse distant galaxies in a Tie Fighter, but what about when he’s in California? Mattel’s answer: a Corvette-based car Darth Vader car. Appearing at Comic Con this week, the one-off is part of a release event for a new line of Star Wars-inspired Hot Wheels cars.

The full-scale Vader mobile was painstakingly designed to imitate the 1:64 scale HotWheels version in every way ... and like the Death Star, Mattel says it will be fully-operational.

Using a C5 Corvette chassis as the working platform, the car is reportedly capable of doing 80 mph (129 km/h). The one-off also features Lightsaber side pipes to go with the cockpit and grill designed to resemble Vader’s mask. To complete the car’s transition to the dark side, the creators incorporated Lord Vader’s signature breathing into the car.

The full-sized Vader-mobile will be on display at Comic Con in San Diego this week while the diminutive HotWheels versions will be on sale at the Mattel booth for US$40.

New video showing Lord Vader's car in action is now available for viewing

Source: Mattel via Road & Track

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I think that is really cool. One can - IMO - see traces of one of the batmobiles in it. I think it is neat that they used a Corvette to base it on.


Love it! Now all I would want is a 'Death Star' shaped garage to keep it in ...

The Skud
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