Cykno retro-styled e-bike caters to well-heeled cyclists


April 23, 2013

Cykno appeared at this year's Milan Design Week

Cykno appeared at this year's Milan Design Week

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During this year’s Milan Design Week, Cykno unveiled its handsome eponymous electric bicycle. The product of a collaboration between Italian advertising mainstays Gianpietro Vigorelli and Riccardo Lorenzini, Cykno aims to stand out in the increasingly crowded e-bike market by offering retro looks and a significant degree of luxury.

In contrast to the Stromer ST1, Cykno is very much a niche item aimed toward the well-heeled cyclist who has the ability to purchase luxury goods. This is reflected in the use of expensive finishing touches, like a seat and handlebar grip manufactured from several leathers of the finest quality.

Cykno isn’t all style and no substance however, as the e-bike was developed by motorbike engineer Bruno Greppi and designer Luca Scopel with at least a degree of practicality in mind. Carbon fiber was employed in the manufacture of Cykno's 26-inch radial spoke wheels, forks, and monocoque frame. It weighs in at a total of 26 kg (57 pounds).

Delving deeper into Cykno's specifications, a centrally-mounted 250 or 500 watt electric motor is housed within a carbon fiber cradle (hidden from view by leather), and powered by a lithium polymer battery pack which provides 360 Wh (watt-hours).

The battery charger and cable are stored onboard, and following a charge time of four hours, Cykno will be able to offer a cyclist 60 kilometers (37 miles) of pedal-assisted riding. Stainless steel brake discs are employed for stopping.

Cykno is manufactured in Italy, and available for purchase now in either black or brown, with a build time of a few weeks. Customers are given the opportunity to customize the leather upholstery, fine materials and accessories to taste.

Though Cykno didn’t wish to go on record with a definite price when asked, interested parties can make inquires via the source link below.

Source: Cykno via Design Boom

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At 57 pounds, it's going to need an electric motor. I like the layout, wonder how it rides?


not a lot of suspension and i don't think a 500 W motor will do.but i do like the seat and tires.


One cool looking bike. It would be perfect parked at the pier in front of my yacht. If I could afford one!


A perfect example of very expensive style over substance is the way too short rear mudguard. Long enough to protect that oh so stylish leather, it's the right length to chuck mud and road dirt up your wealthy but undiscerning back.



You don't think anyone who would actually buy one of these things would ride it in any kind of inclement weather, do you? It's strictly for sunny Sundays, to ride five blocks down to the piazza.

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