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Cyberbike brings an exercise bike to Wii’s growing army of peripherals


October 14, 2009

Most sane people would agree that cardiovascular exercise is a pretty boring way to get fit and, unless you're working out with a friend, a little extra visual stimulation would rarely go amiss. The Nintendo Wii has already had a decent crack at bringing a bit of fun to boring routines with the Wii Fit and EA Sports Active, and seems to have picked up one of the minigames from the latter as the subject of its latest peripheral revolution.

In conjunction with BigBen Interactive, it has announced CyberBike, the first video game to be bundled with a full-sized exercise bike.

Sadly, you won't be powering any appliances while you work out, but a series of varied minigames do have an eco-centric feel to them as you clear roads of pollution and traverse by land, sea and air over 18 different circuits.

To bring a bit more variety to proceedings, you'll also be able to choose between three game modes: Fitness, Story and Multiplayer (with up to four players competing) and unlockables allow you to customize vehicles and equipment, adding further inventive to achieve your goals.

Perhaps not for everyone, but if you're buying an exercise bike anyway - and like the sound of the additional gaming incentive - Cyberbike will be published by BigBen Interactive in January 2010, with prices yet to be confirmed. Check out the typically cheesy video below to see the new peripheral in action.

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Reminds me of my kids Smart Cycle by Fisher Price.

Tom Witt
15th October, 2009 @ 05:32 am PDT
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